Most Valuable Elitist #267

Rising Star of the Week

Lisa Wren

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Lisa Wren! On Dynasty, the next challenger for the New Breed Championship would face Mary S. Atlas. Lisa would capture the victory before confronting the Champion Andre Walker later on in the night. This is one of Lisa Wren’s biggest opportunities yet, and it’s great to see Lisa continue to pick up victories on her road to Grand Rampage. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

SOSA Henderson vs Impact

Beef of the Week for this week goes to the Grand Rampage preview match between Impact and SOSA Henderson! Two former World Champions faced each other in this crossbrand match and in the end they delivered, showing everyone exactly the type of competition they could expect to see come Grand Rampage. These two may not have gotten a clear ending to their match thanks to New Eden, but after their performance this week everyone in the Grand Rampage match should be on the lookout for these two!

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week was Voltage! Voltage opened up with multiple members of the Voltage roster standing up to New Eden, and following this was a fantastic show featuring a Specialists Championship match, Grand Rampage preview matches, and even a huge six man tag team match in the main event of the show after New Eden refused to face each other in the originally scheduled triple threat match. Voltage put on a fantastic show on the road to Grand Rampage!

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs Charlie Marr

This week’s Match of the Week was Dynasty’s main event match between Charlie Marr and the EAW Chairman, Mr. DEDEDE! This was a fantastic match between two of Dynasty’s best Elitists, and while it looked like Charlie Marr could’ve won at various times in the match, Mr. DEDEDE would eventually be able to connect with a spear and put Charlie down for the three count. Congratulations to Mr. DEDEDE, and what a match to end Dynasty!

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

Promoer of the Week this week is the man who made his return to EAW back at Shock Value, Malcolm Jones! Malcolm had his first match in months this week as he went one-on-one against Alexis Chambers, and it was like he was never even gone. Malcolm’s promos this week were as amazing as always, and after this week it’s clear that Malcolm Jones is more than ready for his upcoming EAW Championship match at Grand Rampage. 

Champion of the Week

Constance Blevins 

The Champion of the Week for this week was Voltage’s Specialists Champion, Constance Blevins! On Voltage, Constance Blevins faced Holly Arrow in a Specialists Championship match after Holly would challenge Constance last week. In the end Constance would successfully retain the title in a fantastic match, proving that dethroning her and ending her reign as Champion would not be easy at all. Congratulations to Constance Blevins!

Most Valuable Elitist

Ms. Extreme

This week’s Most Valuable Elitist is Ms. Extreme! Ms. Extreme had a very eventful weekend which started on Showdown, where she defeated Raven Roberts in a Grand Rampage preview match in the main event. This was a big victory, but Ms. Extreme didn’t stop there as on Voltage she’d take part in the six man tag team match that was made after New Eden refused to fight each other. This match would end in a no contest, but it’s not often that you see someone compete in back to back nights especially after a victory like the one Ms. Extreme captured on Showdown. Congratulations Ms. Extreme, who’ll definitely be a big threat come Grand Rampage. 

Written by John Helms

Showdown 4/10/21

Voltage 4/11/2021