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Most Valuable Elitist #266

Rising Star of the Week

Adam Lucas

Rising Star of the Week for this week is the new PURE Champion, Adam Lucas! At Reckless Wiring Adam competed in a triple threat Fight Pit match against Chris Elite and Limmy Monaghan for that Championship, and via submission Adam managed to defeat Limmy and therefore dethrone him to become the new Champion. This was Adam’s first Championship victory in EAW, so congratulations to Adam after finally being able to get back at Limmy for taking him out months ago!

Beef of the Week

Limmy Monaghan vs Chris Elite vs Adam Lucas

This week’s Beef of the Week was Reckless Wiring’s PURE Championship match between Limmy Monaghan, Adam Lucas and Chris Elite! The match itself was fantastic, but even before getting into the ring all three Elitists gave everyone a lot to look forward to with their words throughout the week. This match was very personal as both Adam Lucas and Chris Elite were injured and taken out by Limmy Monaghan and Insurgency in the past, and this week showed everyone just how much disdain both of the challengers had for the Champion. All three Elitists did fantastic this week!

Show of the Week

Reckless Wiring

Show of the Week for this week was Reckless Wiring! Reckless Wiring was a fantastic show with amazing matches, huge title changes, and even the destruction of one of EAW’s tag teams! From start to finish this was a fantastic show, with it opening up with the extremely competitive triple threat for the PURE Championship and it closing with the World Heavyweight Championship Dome of Death! With other insane stipulation matches such as Drake King versus Impact in a Nail Hell Deathmatch and IDOL-GUN versus Insurgency in a Ring of Fire match, there’s no doubt that this was a show to remember!

Match of the Week

Xander Payne vs Lethal Consequences

This week’s Match of the Week was Reckless Wiring’s main event, Xander Payne versus Lethal Consequences for the World Heavyweight Championship in the Dome of Death! This is a match stipulation that’s only been seen in EAW once before this, and in the end this match definitely delivered! This was expected seeing the elite talent competing in this match, but in the end there’s no doubt that the fans left Reckless Wiring with a fantastic match to end their night. Both Xander Payne and Lethal Consequences are two of Dynasty’s best, and they definitely proved that this week.

Promoer of the Week

Andre Walker

This week’s Promoer of the Week is the New Breed Champion, Andre Walker! At Reckless Wiring Andre went up against Jonny Airhart, and Andre made sure Jonny knew the difference between himself and the Champion throughout the week. Andre Walker made it clear that he doesn’t respect Jonny as a serious threat to his Championship reign, and after Andre’s promos throughout the week it’s no wonder that this man is on his way to becoming one of the longest reigning New Breed Champions of all time! 

Champion of the Week

IDOL-GUN (Hikari Kanno & Miku Sakai)

This week’s Champions of the Week are the Unified Tag Team Champions Hikari Kanno and Miku Sakai, better known as IDOL-GUN! At Reckless Wiring IDOL-GUN defended their Unified Tag Team Championships against Donovan Duke and Maxwell of Insurgency in a Ring of Fire match! This was IDOL-GUN’s third time competing in the last three weeks, competing on every single free-per-view from Shock Value to Reckless Wiring! In the end Hikari and Miku managed to defeat Donovan and Maxwell, successfully retaining their Championships! Congratulations to IDOL-GUN, who are already having a great reign with those titles! 

Most Valuable Elitist

Xander Payne

This week’s Most Valuable Elitist is without a doubt the man who just won his first World Championship, Xander Payne! At Reckless Wiring Xander faced Lethal Consequences in the Dome of Death for the World Heavyweight Championship, and after trying to win a world title for years, Xander finally did it! Xander Payne managed to dethrone Lethal Consequences and become the new World Heavyweight Champion, closing Reckless Wiring finally completing the Grand Slam. Lethal Consequences was a fantastic Champion, but Reckless Wiring was Xander’s night. Congratulations to Xander Payne! 

Written by John Helms

Voltage 4/4/21

Elitist of The Month – March Edition!