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Most Valuable Elitist #264

Rising Star of the Week

Lisa Wren

Rising Star of the Week this week was without a doubt Lisa Wren! At Shock Value Lisa would face Alexis Chambers and A. Catalina Flowers in a triple threat Electric Floors match for a Unique Opportunity. In the end Lisa Wren would capture one of the biggest victories in her career as she managed to pin Catalina and capture the victory. What opportunity she actually won is still unknown, but nonetheless this is huge for Lisa. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Terry Chambers vs Drake King vs SOSA Henderson

Beef of the Week for this week was the EAW Championship triple threat match between SOSA Henderson, Drake King, and the Champion Terry Chambers. All three Elitists have tons of history with each other and with a World Championship on the line, these three were bound to deliver. In the end they did just that, with all three Elitists cutting fantastic promos and showing that they all have the ability to hold that World Championship. Amazing work by all three men this week! 

Show of the Week

Shock Value

This week’s Show of the Week was definitely Shock Value! This was a perfect show all around, starting with Darcy May Morgan versus Harper Lee for the Universal Women’s Championship and ending with the triple threat High Voltage match for the EAW Championship! This show was stacked with even more big matches such as Rex McAllister versus Ms. Extreme and Raven Roberts versus Minerva, and in the end the Voltage roster showed everyone exactly why Captain Charisma calls them the “gold brand”!

Match of the Week

Ms. Extreme vs Rex McAllister

All of this week’s matches were fantastic especially at Shock Value, but this week’s Match of the Week was Ms. Extreme versus Rex McAllister in an Electrified Hardcore Iron Man match! These two faced each other in a Hardcore Iron Man match before that ended up going into overtime, and this time was no different! These two did everything they could just to get a single point over the other, all the way until the very end where it ended in a no contest! This was a fantastic match that really showed everyone just how incredible both Rex and Ms. Extreme are! 

Promoer of the Week

Raven Roberts

Promoer of the Week for this week is the winner of the first ever Shock Value style’d Barbed Wire Massacre, Raven Roberts! Raven’s been waiting a very long time to finally get this match against Minerva, and throughout the week Raven made it clear that she wanted to hurt Minerva and make her feel the same pain she had to last year. Raven’s promos throughout the week were nothing short of amazing, and congratulations to Raven Roberts for a successful weekend!

Champion of the Week

Darcy May Morgan

This week’s Champion of the Week was the Universal Women’s Champion, Darcy May Morgan! At Shock Value Darcy had her first title defense as she faced Harper Lee in a Shock Collar match, and in the end she came out successful in an amazing match for the title. This is only the beginning of Darcy’s reign and who knows what will come next for her, but that was a great way for Darcy to kick off her first World Championship reign! Congratulations to Darcy May Morgan!

Most Valuable Elitist

Terry Chambers

Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the winner of Shock Value’s triple threat High Voltage match for the EAW Championship, Terry Chambers! This was an extremely competitive match that really could have gone either way, and there were times where it seemed Terry would come close to losing the title such as Drake King pinning Terry before Malcolm Jones would get involved. In the end the title didn’t change hands though, as Terry was successfully able to pin SOSA and end Shock Value with that Championship still around his waist. Controversy aside this was a big win for Terry, so congratulations to the EAW Champion!

Written by John Helms

Shock Value 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Two new matches announced for Reckless Wiring!