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Most Valuable Elitist #259

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

After the night he had, there’s no way Rising Star of the Week couldn’t go to Andre Walker. At King of Elite Andre Walker won possibly the biggest match of his entire career and definitely the biggest New Breed Championship match of all time, as he managed to overcome Mr. DEDEDE. A win like this is definitely going to go down in history, so congratulations to Andre Walker for one huge successful Championship defense! 

Beef of the Week

IDOL-GUN vs Chained Fury vs the Realm vs the Maidens of Malpractice

Beef of the Week for this week was the fatal four way for the Unified Tag Team Championships between IDOL-GUN, Chained Fury, the Maidens of Malpractice and the former Champions, the Realm. This may not have been the match originally scheduled for King of Elite, but in the end all four teams made the most of this match with a fantastic performance, giving us all reason to believe that everyone in this match deserved to hold the Unified Tag Team Championships.

Show of the Week

King of Elite

As expected, King of Elite was our Show of the Week! This may have been the first free-per-view of 2021, but it may just go down as one of the best too! From start to finish this show was incredible. Amazing matches all across the board, as well as huge Championship wins such as IDOL-GUN’s Unified Tag Team Championships win, Terry Chambers’ first EAW Championship win, Darcy May Morgan’s successful cash in, and Constance Blevins’ Specialists Championship win! Closing the show with an amazing King of Elite finals match, this was definitely one show to remember. 

Match of the Week

Xander Payne vs Kassidy Heart vs TLA

King of Elite’s Match of the Week was definitely the finals for the tournament that started at the beginning of 2021, where Xander Payne Kassidy Heart and TLA finally faced off. Kassidy would enter this match under her Mauler persona, and from there this would be one extremely violent match from beginning to end, with announcement tables, barricades, and glass tables all being broken, as well as things like stabbings occurring throughout the match. All three Elitists showed how badly they wanted to win this tournament, and in the end it gave us an amazing match to end the free-per-view.

Promoer of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Champion of the Week

Jack Ripley

Champion of the Week is Showdown’s Answers World Champion, Jack Ripley! Jack would face Bronson Daniels in a falls count anywhere match for his Championship, and in possibly one of the best matches of that night Jack managed to retain. Jack and Bronson have a lot of history and time and time again Bronson managed to defeat the Champion via countout, but that wasn’t the case this time. In their biggest singles match yet and in his first title defense Jack was able to walk out the victor, so congratulations Jack Ripley!

Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

Most Valuable Elitist AND Promoer of the Week for this week is the first woman to ever win the King of Elite tournament, Kassidy Heart! If you somehow didn’t know it already, this was definitely one of those weeks that shows the entire world that Kassidy is one of the best EAW has to offer. Not just through her promos but with her actual ability inside of the ring, as she managed to defeat TLA and Xander Payne to win the King of Elite tournament under the Mauler persona. This was a historical win as there has never been a woman winning the King of Elite tournament, so congratulations to Kassidy Heart!

Written by John Helms

King of Elite 2021

Dynasty 2/19/21