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Most Valuable Elitist #256

Rising Star of the Week


Rising Star of the Week for this week is the man who’s more known as a monster, Azrael! On Voltage Azrael managed to get the victory against another Elitist who’s relatively new in Holly Arrow. Despite being a newcomer Holly has proven to be very impressive and even pushed the Specialists Champion Kasey Kaos to her limit, so getting the victory this week was a great way for Azrael to rebound from the previous week. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

IDOL-GUN vs The Realm

Beef of the Week for this week goes to the match between IDOL-GUN and the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Realm! This was a match between the current Tag Champs and the newest tag team on the roster that just scored a huge victory over SOSA Henderson and Terry Chambers, and as expected these four Elitists all managed to deliver. These two teams proved just how talented they really are, and IDOL-GUN in such a short amount of time has proven that they are the team to be on the lookout for. 

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week was the blue brand, Showdown! This was a great show all around, from Darcy May Morgan and Drake King’s appearances, to the King of Elite quarter-finals matches, to the chaotic ending to Dr. Bethany Blue versus Consuela Rose Ava. So much happened, and in the end it all led to an amazing night for the blue brand heading towards King of Elite. Showdown had a lot to offer this week, and shows like this are ones everyone involved should definitely be proud of. 

Match of the Week

Minerva vs Ms. Extreme

Match of the Week for this week goes to the Voltage main event match between Ms. Extreme and Minerva! This was a fantastic match from the very start, but near the end things took a turn as Myles got himself involved. Just when things looked grim and Ms. Extreme was about to be defeated, Rex McAllister attacked Myles, distracting Minerva and allowing Ms. Extreme to capitalize. This was a great match with high stakes regarding King of Elite, and there’s no doubt that these two delivered this week. 

Promoer of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Champion of the Week

Jack Ripley

This week’s Champion of the Week goes to Showdown’s Answers World Champion, Jack Ripley! On Showdown Jack Ripley captured a much needed win for himself against Kid Ohio. The beginning of his Answers World Championship reign didn’t go as planned, but with this win he was able to bounce back nicely and get right back where he wanted. Jack Ripley is an extremely talented competitor, and it’s great to see his first World Championship reign pick back up. Congratulations Jack Ripley!

Most Valuable Elitist

Xander Payne

Xander Payne has been on a roll in recent weeks, and this week was the culmination of an amazing three-week long run, as he managed to defeat Mitsubachi to become the first Elitist to advance to the King of Elite finals. This was one of Xander’s biggest wins in a while, and it was definitely well deserved with what he’s been bringing to the table since being put in this tournament. In the shape he’s in right now, there’s no doubt that this man has a great chance of winning this entire tournament. Congratulations Xander Payne!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 1/10/21

Dynasty 1/15/21