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Most Valuable Elitist #255

Rising Star of the Week


On Voltage, Hikari Kanno and Miku Sakai had their tag team debut in possibly the biggest way possible. They faced EAW Champion SOSA Henderson and Terry Chambers, and although this happened partially because of SOSA and Terry’s inability to co-exist, IDOL-GUN still got a huge victory as they managed to defeat the two, even pinning the EAW Champion himself. This definitely makes them deserving of Rising Star of the Week, and if they continue like this they can become a major force in the tag team division. 

Beef of the Week

Bronson Daniels vs Jon Kelton

Beef of the Week goes to Bronson Daniels and Jon Kelton. Seeing as this match had such high stakes with the Answers World Championship number one contendership on the line, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these two were on their A-game. Both men have history with each other especially after Showdown’s Extreme Elimination Chamber, and this week they definitely showed us all why they both deserve to face Jack Ripley for his Championship. Amazing work by both men, regardless of how the match went.

Show of the Week


Our Show of the Week for this week is Showdown! This week was a big one for Showdown, as this show featured two more King of Elite round one matches in Ronan Malosi versus Alexis Chambers and Dr. Bethany Blue versus Ryan Wilson, but that’s not all this show featured. It also featured an Answers World Championship number one contenders match between Bronson Daniels and Jon Kelton, and even the return of former Universal Women’s Champion Raven Roberts! This was a fantastic night for Showdown.

Match of the Week

IDOL-GUN vs SOSA Henderson & Terry Chambers

This week’s Match of the Week was Voltage’s main event match between IDOL-GUN and the team of SOSA Henderson and Terry Chambers. Throughout the whole match SOSA and Terry didn’t seem to work together very well, and in the end that would be their undoing as Hikari and Miku worked together perfectly, defeating the two men in the process. Regardless, SOSA and Terry proved how good they are on their own just like IDOL-GUN proved how good of a team they are, making for one fantastic main event match.

Promoer of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue

Our Promoer of the Week for this week is Dr. Bethany Blue. Dr. Bethany Blue put out fantastic promos this week as she faced someone she has a lot of history with, Showdown’s general manager Ryan Wilson. Dr. Bethany Blue had to face the man whose job she helped save, and this week she let her feelings about that be known. This was a pretty personal match for Dr. Bethany Blue, and she’s been showing a different side of herself as of late. Nonetheless, her promos this week have been nothing short of amazing.

Champion of the Week

Lethal Consequences 

The World Heavyweight Champion Lethal Consequences is this week’s Champion of the week. On Dynasty, Lethal Consequences would face New Breed Champion Andre Walker in the main event match. He’d come out victorious, ending Dynasty on a very high note. Lethal Consequences has proven to be one fantastic World Champion, and at this rate his Championship reign might just continue for a very long time.

Most Valuable Elitist

Bronson Daniels

Most Valuable Elitist for this week goes to the former New Breed Champion and Extreme Elimination Chamber competitor, Bronson Daniels! On Showdown Jon Kelton and Bronson faced each other for number one contendership to Jack Ripley’s Answers World Championship, and although Lucas Johnson played a part in the victory, Bronson Daniels captured one of his biggest wins thus far. This means Bronson now has a singles opportunity to win the Answers World Championship not even a full year into his career. Congratulations to Bronson Daniels!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 1/9/21

Voltage 1/10/21