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Most Valuable Elitist #254

Rising Star of the Week

Donovan Duke

Our Rising Star of the week for this week is the man who not only joined Insurrection on Dynasty, but advanced to the second round of the King of Elite tournament, Donovan Duke! Donovan may have lost his match for the New Breed Championship at Road to Redemption, but he sure rebounded in a huge way at the start of 2021. Winning the King of Elite tournament could be a huge moment for the young man, but this win alone will surely do wonders for him. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Rex McAllister vs Minerva 

Without a doubt, Beef of the Week for this week was Voltage’s main event between Minerva and Rex McAllister. With this being a King of Elite round one match, and considering the history these two have with each other, this was bound to be great. Saying these two delivered is definitely an understatement, as these two are former World Champions and are some of the best Voltage has to offer. These two both had a fantastic performance and they should be proud of themselves. 

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week was Dynasty. This was the first EAW show of 2021 and there’s no doubt that it delivered. This show featured all four of the red brands King of Elite round one matches, but it also featured a huge main event match between Dray Fontana, Impact, Chris Elite and Andre Walker. This show even featured the rise of the newest stable, Insurrection. This was a great show with so much to offer, what a way to start off the new year!

Match of the Week

Chris Elite vs Impact vs Andre Walker vs Dray Fontana

Match of the Week for this week was Dynasty’s main event match, the fatal four way between Chris Elite, Impact, Andre Walker and Dray Fontana. This match may not have had the clean ending everyone was hoping for, but it was still a great showcase of some of the best Elitists Dynasty has to offer. Everyone in the match did their part and had a great showing, so despite nobody getting their desired victory everyone in this match should be proud.

Promoer of the Week


Promoer of the Week for this week was the woman who managed to defeat Rex McAllister on Voltage, even if the victory was a bit controversial. After being in yet another match that was sure to become personal one could expect Minerva to put out some fantastic promos throughout the week, and once again she delivered. While this shouldn’t come to the surprise of many as Minerva is definitely one of Voltage’s top Elitists, this was still a great week for the former Universal Women’s Champion both in promos and in her match. Congratulations!

Champion of the Week

SOSA Henderson

Champion of the Week for this week is once again Voltage’s EAW Champion SOSA Henderson. SOSA Henderson has definitely been on a roll the past few weeks and that definitely hasn’t stopped this week, as this week SOSA Henderson continued his momentum with a victory against Shane Gates. SOSA was actually one of the only Champions to even capture a victory this week, and I’m sure a fact like that sits well with the man. Congratulations SOSA!

Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

Most Valuable Elitist for the first week of 2021 is Showdown’s Kassidy Heart! After being successful at Road to Redemption Kassidy aimed to start her 2021 by becoming the first woman to win the King of Elite tournament, and after this week she’s now one step closer to accomplishing that. On Showdown Kassidy was able to capture a victory over James Ranger via submission, and after defeating the former participant in Road to Redemptions Interwire Championship match Kassidy has now moved on to round two of the prestigious tournament. There’s no doubt that Kassidy is a favorite of the entire tournament, and at this rate she definitely has a huge chance of winning. Congratulations!

Written by John Helms


Voltage 1/3/21