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Most Valuable Elitist #247

Rising Star of the Week

Kasey Kaos

For Rising Star of the Week, we had to give it to the woman who captured her first Championship in EAW, Kasey Kaos! After great performances one after the other, Kasey managed to defeat Veena Adams for the vacant Specialists Championship in the finals of the Specialists Championship tournament. Kasey Kaos’ future is sure to be a bright one as she’s without a doubt one of the most talented on the Voltage roster, so good luck to Kasey Kaos. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

SOSA Henderson vs Ahren Fournier

Beef of the Week this week had to be the EAW Championship match between SOSA Henderson and Ahren Fournier. We were always going to see a great fight from these two, but they still somehow managed to shatter expectations with what they brought to the table. These two spent the week proving how good they are at what they do at why they both deserve to be EAW Champion, and after what they did the whole week it’s can’t be easy disagreeing with that.

Show of the Week

Wicked Games

Show of the Week was without a doubt Wicked Games. Wicked Games was a fantastic show featuring Championships changing hands, a brutal Barbed Wire Massacre match, and so much more. With matches such as the Graveyard match between Ms. Extreme and Shane Gates on the show there’s no doubt that this was a fantastic show, and even more so the greatest show of the week. Every match was fantastic, and with this the streak of amazing free per view events has continued.

Match of the Week

Drake King vs TLA

This week’s Match of the Week was the Barbed Wire Massacre match between Drake King and TLA. This was a match many were anticipating ever since Bloodsport, and the match certainly delivered. From the action all throughout the match up to the shocking ending where Malcolm Jones helped TLA capture the victory, this was an amazing match with tons to go back to. Congratulations to TLA for winning that match, but that was an amazing performance from both men.

Promoer of the Week


Promoer of the Week is the man who won his first singles Championship at Wicked Games, Myles. Myles has been on a roll ever since his return earlier in the year, but this week he may have put out some of the greatest promos he’s ever done. Knowing who he’d be facing this week and what was at stake surely Myles knew he had to bring his best, and he might have somehow brought even more than that. Myles did fantastic this week and performances like this is the exact reason why he now holds that National Elite Championship.

Champion of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Most Valuable Elitist

SOSA Henderson

Our Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist is one of the few Champions to actually retain a Championship at Wicked Games, SOSA Henderson. At Wicked Games SOSA finally had the chance to face Ahren Fournier for the EAW Championship, and that match sure delivered. Despite Ahren’s best efforts though, SOSA was still able to secure the victory and continue his Championship reign, just like he said he would before Ahren was even announced number one contender. This is definitely SOSA Henderson’s best run in his career, and it’ll be exciting seeing what’s next for him. Congratulations SOSA Henderson!

Written by John Helms

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