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Most Valuable Elitist #246

Rising Star of the Week

Limmy Monaghan

Our Rising Star of the Week for the week has to be Limmy Monaghan, who scored his first free per view singles win at House of Glass. After an amazing back and forth throughout the week followed by an even better match, Limmy would defeat his new rival SEBAS. Later on in the night Limmy would continue to attack SEBAS alongside Mason Massacre, truly getting the upper hand that night. After these past few weeks Limmy’s made it clear that he could be a force to be reckoned with on Dynasty. At this rate he’s going to find a lot of success very soon.

Beef of the Week

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Show of the Week

House of Glass

Of course, House of Glass was our Show of the Week. To be honest, this show was as brutal as one could expect it to be. From matches like Limmy Monaghan to SEBAS, to Andre Walker’s interesting New Breed Championship defense, to Xander Payne and Chris Elite’s war, all the way to both Red Wallz and a betond chaotic Glass Wallz main event, this was a fantastic show all around. It’s going to be difficult having to follow up such an amazing show. This was a great show for the Dynasty brand, and it’ll be interesting seeing where they go after this. 

Match of the Week

Visual Prophet vs Mr. DEDEDE

As many great choices as there were, the Visual Prophet vs Mr. DEDEDE was without a doubt both the Beef of the Week and Match of the Week. Both men put out some of the best promotional videos EAW has seen this year during the week, and when the time came to step in the ring these two gave it their all… And then some. Both men did more than put their lives on the line, and the fact that either man will be able to walk after that match is insane. This match was The Best Ever vs Gawdzilla, and to say it lived up to the hype would be a massive understatement. 

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Visual Prophet

Of course, who else could this go to but the Visual Prophet? Glass Wallz may have been Match of the Week, but by winning that match the Visual Prophet scored possibly the biggest win in his entire career, just over a year after his loss to Mr. DEDEDE last year’s Territorial Invasion. This was a historic way to end House of Glass, and both a match and win like this will without a doubt go down in history. Congratulations to the Visual Prophet on yet another World Heavyweight Championship defense, and for defeating without a doubt one of, if not the greatest of all time. 

Written by John Helms

Wicked Games 2020

Dynasty 11/6/20