Most Valuable Elitist #238

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

This week was a pretty eventful one for Andre Walker. Not only would he interfere with the New Breed Championship match between Bronson Daniels and SEBAS, but he would compete in his own match against one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Limmy Monaghan. Andre would come out of that match successful, leaving a great impression as it’s clear he’s not finished with the New Breed Championship yet. Congratulations Andre Walker, and good luck!

Beef of the Week

Darcy May Morgan & Drake King vs Jesse Barlow & Korey Gaines

This week, Beef of the Week has to go to the team of Darcy May Morgan and Drake King versus Jesse Barlow and Korey Gaines. In a match between two of the Elitists competing in Wargames and potentially the next number one contenders for the Unified Tag Team Championships, these four held nothing back. A lot of hostility was on display especially coming from the newly formed “Parental Advisory”, and it was only right that what these four put into the match was recognized.

Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, this week it had to go to Voltage. A lot of developments have been made such as Adam Lucas winning a contendership match for the National Elite Championship, Conor Ryan and Donovan Duke challenging Parental Advisory, and Minerva joining Voltage’s Brand Warfare team. This show would also have a confrontation between Rex McAllister and SOSA Henderson ending with Rex taking out SOSA, and a chaotic main event match between Parental Advisory and two-thirds of Voltage’s Wargames team, Darcy May Morgan and Drake King. All three shows have definitely stepped their game up on the road to Territorial Invasion, and at this rate it looks like things are only getting better.

Match of the Week

Jon Kelton vs Jack Ripley 

Jon Kelton and Jack Ripley brought everything they had both in their promos and in the ring, and it was only right that these two were Match of the Week. These two threw everything they had at each other during their match on Showdown, and in the end it became too much for them, resulting in a double count out. Jack Ripley and Jon Kelton are without a doubt two of the brightest stars Showdown has to offer, and they definitely pushed each other to the limit this week. Their match may not have ended how either of them wanted it to, but their performance has not been forgotten.

Promoer of the Week

Jesse Barlow

He may not have won his match, but Jesse Barlow was without a doubt the Promoer of the Week for this week. He showed everyone exactly why he believes he should be given better opportunities, and he made his feelings known about both Darcy May Morgan and Drake King, making it clear how little he thought of them. With more performances like this there’s no doubt that his team with Korey Gaines will go far, so good luck to Jesse Barlow!

Champion of the Week

Bronson Daniels

Our Champion of the Week is the EAW New Breed Champion, Bronson Daniels! This week he competed on Dynasty, defending his Championship against SEBAS in an incredible match. At the end of the match Andre Walker would make an appearance, distracting SEBAS and allowing Bronson to roll him up and retain his Championship. That match may not have ended as fairly as SEBAS would have wanted, but in the end it was a successful Championship defense for Bronson and a great way to end his week. Congratulations to Bronson for another successful Championship defense!

Most Valuable Elitist


This was a big week for Voltage’s Brand Warfare team, and this woman is the reason why. On Voltage, Minerva would defeat Myles in an incredible match between two former Champions, and afterwards Minerva would choose to join their Brand Warfare team after it was made known earlier in the night that she was considered. Minerva is a former Universal Women’s Champion and Unified Tag Team Champion, so there is no doubt that she will be an asset to this team. With the way things are looking right now, this may very well be the winning team at Territorial Invasion.

Written by John Helms

Voltage 8/30/2020

Elitist Of The Month: August Edition!