Most Valuable Elitist #237

Rising Star of the Week

Christian DeMarco

Our rising star for this week is Christian DeMarco, who made his official debut on Showdown this week! Christian didn’t have the best start to the season while on Dynasty, but then it was revealed that he was traded to the Showdown roster. This week he defeated Lucas Johnson in his first match on the blue brand before joining team Ryan Wilson for Territorial Invasion. Good luck to Christian DeMarco, who hopefully has a great time on Showdown.

Beef of the Week

The Realm vs Charlie Marr, Mason Massacre, and Xander Payne

For beef of the week it was only appropriate that we gave it to the Realm’s match against three members of Dynasty’s Brand Warfare team, Charlie Marr, Mason Massacre, and Xander Payne. All six Elitists put everything they had into this match, showing everyone exactly why Charlie, Sarah Price, and Xander have accomplished why they had, and why Mason, Harper and Sierra are going to do big things here. 

Show of the Week


For Show of the week, it had to go to Dynasty. This was an action packed show, seeing Jamie O’Hara’s confrontation with Lethal Consequences, a brand versus brand match between Korey Gaines and Andre Walker, Nina Bravo’s singles match debut, and a rematch between Impact and Lethal Consequences, who once competed for the World Heavyweight Championship! At the end of the night Mr. DEDEDE would make his return as the third member of Dynasty’s Wargames team, and the odds may be in Dynasty’s favor. Dynasty’s Wargames team looks very strong right now, this could be the brand we see take home the win at Territorial Invasion.

Match of the Week

Impact vs Lethal Consequences

One year ago at Operation: Doomsday, Impact faced Lethal Consequences to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. One year later these two competed in yet another match against each other, and this match was amazing. These two gave it all they had and at many times it looked like either man could win, but in the end we were left with no clear winner as Jamie O’Hara would interfere, attacking Lethal Consequences before the match could come to an end. Despite the unfortunate ending, these two put on a match that deserves this title of “Match of the week”.

Promoer of the Week

Xander Payne

At Operation: Doomsday Xander Payne lost his PURE Championship to Dray Fontana on his first title defense. After that event it was clear that Xander had a change in attitude, and he definitely put that on displu this week. The promos between the Realm and team Dynasty were all great, but Xander stood out this week, making a statement after such an unfortunate loss. If Xander keeps this up, Dynasty may not only take home the victory in Wargames, but in Brand Warfare as well.

Champion of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

Choosing a Champion of this week proved to be very difficult, but what Jamie O’Hara did this week stood out. After standing tall over Lethal Consequences not once, but twice on his own show, Jamie showed us all exactly why he’ll be the man walking out of Territorial Invasion as the Answers World Champion. This may not be Brand Warfare or Wargames, but it is an Answers World Championship match between competitors on two different brands. Lethal Consequences has shown that he’s gotten the upper hand and won matches he hasn’t been expected to, but can he topple Jamie O’Hara?

Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

Our Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the man who made his return to EAW at Bloodsport, Drake King. Now called the “Last Messiah”, Drake King took on Kasey Kaos in the Voltage main event, getting the victory over her in an impressive first match back. As well as this he and Malcolm Jones would agree on Darcy May Morgan being the third member of Voltage’s Wargames team, completing their trio. This is a team with two former World Champions as well as the current Miss Cash in the Vault, making this an extremely star studded team. 

Written by John Helms

Showdown 8/22/20

Voltage 8/23/20