Most Valuable Elitist #236

Rising Star of the Week

Kasey Kaos

Kasey Kaos confirms her status as one of the most promising rising talents of the stacked Women’s division with yet another stellar performance both on the micro and inside the ring. The terrifying monster that is Kasey Kaos won’t stop at nothing in her quest to gold and we are looking forward to seeing where she will go from here. 

Beef of the Week

Serena Bennett and Minerva

Serena Bennett and Minerva put on what was undeniably the beef of the week. Their feud was already one of for the ages, given how personal and emotional it got with Minerva bringing Serena Bennett’s family into the story and Serena showing little to no remorse when she had to bring the pain to Minerva. The two backed up on the microphone the same level of intensity that was displayed on the actual shows and here we are with the Beef of the Week award that we are sure everyone saw coming from miles away. 

Show of the Week


Voltage stole the show with Bloodsport and nobody can deny this. Bloodsport somehow managed to live up to the incredibly high standards of Operation Doomsday and Midsummer Massacre by delivering a fast paced, hard hitting, drama filled rollercoaster of a show that left us thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. 

Match of the Week

Serena Bennett vs Minerva

Serena Bennett vs Minerva stole the show not only on the microphone but inside the squared circle as well. Someone saw the title change coming but let’s face it. This match was as close as it gets and it could’ve gone either way. Minerva has been a dominant champion as she managed to dismiss plenty of talented Elitists who tried (emphasis on “tried”) to dethrone her but failed. Serena Bennett was the one to find a way to become the new Universal Women’s Champion after a grueling match and a dramatic build up to it. Hats off to Serena. 

Promoer of the Week

Ms. Extreme

There’s no Ms. Extreme is one of the top stars of Voltage and this week she proved why her fire inside never died out and it’s probably never ever going to die either. Ms. Extreme took this opportunity to remind the entire world why she is a Queen in her own rights by accepting the challenge from a newcomer who surely brought her to her limits but at the same time, gave her the perfect platform to put her name out there one more time, as if Ms. Extreme had any doubters. 

Champion of the Week

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister is the Champion of the week and confirms his status as the top dog of Voltage by walking out Bloodsport as the World Champion, pulling off a defense that could’ve gone either way until the very last moment. Ever since Pain for Pride, Rex McAllister has been the undisputed face of Voltage and Bloodsport was yet another step towards greatness for Rex. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Serena Bennett

The #andnew Universal Women’s Champion Serena Bennett is the Most Valuable Elitist of the week. In a show that has showcased a number of incredible talents, Serena Bennett successfully pulls off an amazing win and gets the Championship gold. A much deserved accomplishment to top off an amazing return from Serena. Her reign has just started and we are excited to see what the future holds for her. For now, all we can say is congratulations to our new Universal Women’s Champion. 

Written by Fight Grid

Showdown 8/16/20

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