Most Valuable Elitist #235

Rising Star of the Week

Dray Fontana

This awards was very hard to choose, given the amazing performances e put on by other rising stars such as SEBAS, but the career defining win by Dray Fontana was simply too much of a game changer to let it pass by unnoticed. Nobody thought Dray Fontana could walk out of Operation Doomsday with the title but he shut all the doubters up and put on an insane performance, as he solidifies his position as one of the hardest working rising stars on Dynasty

Beef of the Week

Impact vs Charlie Marr

When Impact was scheduled to fight along with Charlie Marr in tag team action, we already got a glimpse of the intensity that these two were going to put on for their match at Operation Doomsday and we surely got what we wanted out of this match. Charlie Marr brought to the table the very best we have come to expect from him and his cunning mic work, while Impact felt better than ever with a performance that left his old school fans stunned. Hats off to both of them!

Show of the Week

Operation Doomsday

Living up to the hype of Midsummer Massacre was certainly not an easy task but the Dynasty roster stepped up their game and provided us with a great show all around. High profile matches, shocking title changes, comedy moments provided by the BVU and a stunning Main Event contributed to a show that truly showcased Dynasty and its roster filled with talent. We cannot wait to see how the storylines featured on the show will develop from here.

Match of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs Chris Elite

The Main Event of Operation Doomsday saw the clash between the World Heavyweight Champion Visual Prophet and the Hall of Famer Chris Elite, in a match that surely delivered on the insane amount of hype surrounding the match in the days leading up to the Free Per View. This match had it all. Crazy back and forth action, false finishes that left us stunned and most of all, a high level of drama provided by the multiple interferences and by the one and only Veena Adams. This match was truly a rollercoaster ride of emotions and was the perfect way to end an amazing Free Per View. 

Promoer of the Week


Impact wins Promoer of the week and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this award is well deserved. Impact has been showing an impressive amount of passion and dedication lately, blowing the expectations out of the water with his gritty and cunning promo work. Some tried to celebrate the supposed funeral of his career but, boy, were they wrong. Impact is back and he is better than ever. After an impressive performance at Operation Doomsday we can’t help but wonder… What’s next for Impact? Are we going to witness a World Championship reign? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy this well deserved prize. 

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

The Visual Prophet 

The Visual Prophet is the Champion of the week and the Most Valuable Elitist of the week. He truly is the undisputed face of Dynasty and his match against Chris Elite is a testament to what he can achieve as the top dog of the red brand. Viz survived Operation Doomsday and retained his title despite the high drama ending to his match against Chris Elite and that’s the sign of a true Champion. With Territorial Invasion looming in the near future, we are looking forward to see which role he is going to play for his brand. Congratulations!

Written by Helen Delacroix

Elitist of The Month: July Edition!

Dynasty 8/14/2020