Most Valuable Elitist #234

Rising Star of the Week

Ronan Malosi

The hottest Free Agent of the world, Ronan Malosi, is the Rising Star of the Week. Sure, he might no longer be a Free Agent now that he has found himself a new home in Showdown but his quest to find a spot in the EAW landscape left us thoroughly entertained. We cannot wait to see where Ronan Malosi is going to go from here. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue vs Jake Smith vs Cage vs Lethal Consequences

The stakes were high, but these four Elitists surely delivered when they had to step up to the challenge. Dr. Bethany Blue reaffirmed her position as one of the most consistent Elitists on the roster, Jake Smith made sure he will now be seen as a Main Event player by the rest of EAW while both Cage and Lethal Consequences have shown why they are respected legends in the EAW landscape. Lethal Consequences will move on to face Jamie O’Hara for Showdown’s top prize and after that stellar performance on the mic, we cannot wait to see if he is going to do the unthinkable and dethrone O’Hara. 

Show of the Week

Midsummer Massacre

Midsummer Massacre was undeniably the show of the week. The Showdown roster stepped up to the challenge with a wide range of high profile storylines and matches and they surely delivered on all fronts. Midsummer Massacre had it all. A very creative intro, dramatic over the top in ring action and a stellar main event to top everything off. It will be interesting to see whether Dynasty and Voltage are going to be able to top what Showdown was able to put on here but only time will tell. For now, bravo to everyone who was involved! 

Match of the Week

Sierra Bradford vs Consuela Rose Ava

The Interwire Championship match wins the Match of the Week award. Consuela Rose Ava might look and sound like a sweet person to hang out with, but when it comes to business she’s been a dominant champion and Midsummer Massacre was a reminder to the world as to why she is the rightful Interwire Champion. Sierra Bradford put up one hell of a fight but ultimately she has to postpone her Championship dreams to a later time. Overall the match was a rollercoaster ride of intensity, action and drama up to the very last seconds of it. Sierra Bradford came so close to winning the match on multiple occasions but the insane resilience by the champion allowed her to retain once again. Congratulations to both athletes for one heck of a fight! 

Promoer of the Week

Lethal Consequences

Lethal Consequences wins Promoer of the week thanks to a stellar performance on the microphone. Many are trying to write Lethal Consequences off as a Legend who has passed his time and is on his way to retirement, but he has proved everyone wrong this week and showed the world that this Season is going to be his redemption. If Andre Walker thinks he’s going to have it easy come Operation Doomsday then he will have to think again. Lethal Consequences is back and he is better than ever. Congratulations! 

Champion of the Week

Jamie O’Hara


Most Valuable Elitist

Jamie O’Hara

The Ace himself, Jamie O’Hara wins both the Champion of the Week award and the Most Valuable Elitist award. He is the undisputed face of Showdown and thanks to his stellar performance in both his match and that shocking Midsummer Massacre intro, he has truly stolen the show at the most recent Showdown Free Per View. Ripley put up one hell of a fight but ultimately it wasn’t enough for him to capitalize and take the Answers World Championship off Jamie. Midsummer Massacre also crowned a new number one contender, Lethal Consequences. We shall see if Jamie O’Hara is going to be able to replicate his stellar performance he put on on this week. But that’s later down the line. Congratulations for this accomplishment, you sure have earned it. 

Written by Helen Delacroix

Operation: Doomsday (2020)

Elitist of The Month: July Edition!