Most Valuable Elitist #233

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

Andre Walker puts his name on the map and reassesses his position as one of the most promising talents in the Dynasty landscape. He slowly but steadily climbed the ranks of EAW thanks to his unique style and solid in-ring prowess. With a high stakes match against Lethal Consequences on the horizon, we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young man. 

Beef of the Week

Andrea Valentine and Serena Bennett vs Charlie Marr and the Visual Prophet

Andrea Valentine and Serena Bennett took on Charlie Marr and the Visual Prophet in what was an intense battle not only on the microphone but within the squared circle as well. The history between Andrea and Charlie was enough to ignite this match to the next level, but when you add Serena Bennett and Visual Prophet in the mix, you know you are in for a treat and we sure got what we wanted out of this. 

Show of the Week


The show of the week was Dynasty. As Operation Doomsday gets closer and closer, the Dynasty locker room stepped up to the challenge and provided a drama filled show that is going down in the history books. Chris Elite took on Sarah Price in the Main Event, Andrea Valentine teamed up with Serena Bennett against Charlie Marr and Malcolm Jones and Harper Lee took on SEBAS, just to name a few of the highly anticipated matches that made the card look so stacked. With all the storylines approaching their climax, we cannot wait to see what Operation Doomsday has in store for us.

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs TLA

Rex McAllister and TLA went toe to toe in what was undeniably the match of the week. The World Champion Rex McAllister took the EAW Hall of Famer TLA to his very limit in what was a record setting performance from both of these men. The match itself had it all: drama, athleticism, high impact moves and, most of all, a high drama finish that left everyone stunned. Not only the match ended via count out after both Rex and TLA gave literally every single thing they had in that match, but Myles and Malcolm Jones decided to spice things up after the match was over and deliver a message to their Bloodsport opponents. 

Promoer of the Week

Sarah Price

The Specialists Champion Sarah Price is the Promoer of the week. Despite the angelical look, Sarah Price showed quite an attitude when set to compete against some of the most vicious talkers in EAW today. Her performance against Chris Elite provided us with plenty of one liners we won’t soon forget and that will surely stick in the mind of her opponent for quite some time. With a highly competitive match against Harper Lee planned for Operation Doomsday, we are looking forward to seeing whether the Specialists Champion is going to be able to keep up her momentum and successfully defend her title. 

Champion of the Week


The Universal Women’s Champion Minerva is the EAW Champion of the week. Minerva has been on a roll lately and, even though the odds are stacked against her with Serena Bennett plotting to dethrone her in the near future, she has reminded us once again why she is the face of the women’s division and why she is here to stay. Minerva has made Voltage her home thanks to her cunning mic work and her ruthless attitude. We can all agree it’s going to take a lot to take the crown off her. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Dr. Bethany Blue

They say what makes a Wrestling genius is the ability to constantly reinvent themselves and Dr. Bethany Blue proved to the world that she can be as dominant as a Tag Team player just as she was as a solo competitor. The Doctor has shocked the Showdown landscape thanks to her grit, her passion and her competitive mindset, not to mention the occasional help from her new partner in crime Alexis Chambers. The Answers World Championship is now a concrete possibility in her near future and we are sure that the Doctor is more than ready to take this next step. 

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 8/9/20

Showdown 8/8/2020