Most Valuable Elitist #232

Rising Star of the Week

The Grand Athletes

The Grand Athletes are quickly rising up through the ranks of a very stacked Tag Division. They are progressively building up their chemistry show after show and they are now in prime position to snatch the Tag Team Gold. Limmy Monaghan and Mark Macias are undeniably the Rising Stars of EAW at the moment and everyone should be on the lookout, not just Fire & Ice.

Beef of the Week

Myles vs TLA

The Beef of the Week award goes to Myles and TLA. One is a Hall of Famer, former World Champion and overall an established name in EAW. The other is an up and coming talent who has been on a path of destruction lately and is just a few weeks away from arguably the biggest match of his career at Bloodsport. We have witnessed a very intense back and forth battle with neither one of the two holding back, in what was undeniably the beef of the week. 

Show of the Week


There were a lot of very intense matches this week, but Showdown was something else. A Free Per View worthy Main Event, high level of drama and tense storyline developments are the key factors that made Showdown stand out just a little bit more than Dynasty and Voltage. With a roster packed to the brim with talent, there’s no doubt the blue brand of EAW will continue to impress in the upcoming week and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us. 

Match of the Week

Ronan Malosi vs Cage

Ronan Malosi versus Cage wins Match of the Week. Both competitors went through an absolute war against one another but in the end, the much more experienced Cage managed to bring home a win by spiking the head of Ronan Malosi to the mat with the Mercy Rule. As a result, Ronan Malosi was banned from Showdown but something tells us this is not over yet for the most hated Elitist on the planet. We shall see what the future holds for these two. 

Promoer of the Week

Charlie Marr

Charlie Marr is the promoer of the week. Arrogant, cunning, brilliant. Three words to describe the evil genius that is Charlie Marr when he is on the mic. Since the new Season has started he has been absolutely consistent in his promo work and judging by these first few weeks, we can already tell that Season 14 is going to be the Season of Marr for sure. 

Champion of the Week

Sarah Price

The Specialists Champion Sarah Price is the Champion of the week. She has been slowly making her way up the card and she’s been putting the Dynasty locker room on notice with her performance on the microphone. Coming up next for her is a very tough title defense at Operation Doomsday. Will she have what it takes to establish herself as the face of the Specialists division or will Harper Lee take her place? We don’t know yet, but we surely cannot wait to find out.  

Most Valuable Elitist 


The Universal Women’s Champion Minerva is the Most Valuable Elitist. Minerva has been on a roll lately and despite how prestigious and successful her opponents have been on their own rights, she has always found a way to come out on top and retain her title. She’s now set to face Serena Bennett in what is going to be one for the ages and we absolutely cannot wait to see what she has in store for her next challenger. Congratulations! 

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 7/19/20

Dynasty 7/24/2020