Most Valuable Elitist #228

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

Our Rising Star of the Week is the man who went toe to toe with the World Heavyweight Champion, Andre Walker! Despite suffering a loss against the Champion Drake King, Andre put up an excellent fight and showed everyone why he’s someone to be on the lookout for. Going into a New Breed Championship match at Pain for Pride, this was the perfect way for Andre to show exactly what he’s capable of, congratulations and good luck!

Beef of the Week

Chris Elite vs Justin Windgate

Our Beef of the Week has to go to Chris Elite and Justin Windgate. These two got very personal this week throughout their back and forth, bringing up issues such as Windgate’s former drug issues during his time away and Chris Elite’s Championship match losses since losing the World Heavyweight Championship back in 2018. Both of these men had big multi-man matches ahead of them at Pain for Pride, and while both men may believe otherwise, this was a great display of what these two men can do!

Show of the Week


Our “Show of the Week” this time around is Voltage, the yellow brand! As Pain for Pride draws closer, it progressively gets even more difficult to choose which show was better, but we decided that Voltage was the best show this time around. We saw that amazing triple threat between MITSUBACHI, Dray Fontana, and Jack Ripley with Ms. Extreme making a statement of her own afterwards, the Grand Athletes being added into the Unified Tag Team Championships Pain for Pride match after Limmy won his match via disqualification, Terry Chambers winning number one contendership for the Interwire Championship, and the main event in Andrea Valentine versus Maxwell. This was a fantastic show, keeping the Pain for Pride spirit flowing as we get closer and closer to the event!

Match of the Week

Drake King vs Andre Walker

Our match of the week happens to be Dynasty’s main event match between Drake King and Andre Walker. This was a match between Dynasty’s World Heavyweight Champion and potentially the next New Breed Champion, and this match didn’t disappoint whatsoever. Andre showed that he has the ability to go toe to toe against the best of the best, but in the end Drake King was able to secure the win just a few short weeks before Pain for Pride. Despite Drake winning though, I’m sure most will agree that this was a phenomenal performance by Andre Walker, one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Promoer of the Week

Darcy May Morgan and SOSA Henderson

For this week we couldn’t just give Promoer of the Week to one person, which is why instead we’re giving it to both Darcy May Morgan AND SOSA Henderson! Both Darcy and SOSA brought their best to the table this week as they went one on one against each other, and much like Windgate and Elite, these two had a back and forth that was good enough to give both of them the Promoer of the Week award. In the end Justin Windgate did interfere in the match making it a no contest, but what these two showed throughout the week should not be forgotten. Everyone in the Cash in the Vault match should be on the lookout, these two are clearly ready for Pain for Pride.

Champion of the Week

Drake King

See Most Valuable Elitist.

Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

Our Most Valuable Elitist and Champion of the Week is the World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King. Drake’s night on Dynasty started off on a bad note as not even his parents’ appearance could stop his sister from following the Visual Prophet, but later on that night he was able to show exactly why he’s holding Dynasty’s top Championship as he managed to defeat the rising Andre Walker in a fantastic match. Despite the unfortunate events occurring afterwards with the Visual Prophet and his father, it only felt right to give these awards to Drake after an amazing performance. Congratulations Drake King!

Written by Fight Grid

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