Most Valuable Elitist #227

Rising Star of the Week


For this week, there is nobody more fitting for the “Rising Star of the Week” award than SEBAS! During Voltage, SEBAS went up against Seth Osiris to see who would face the winner between Terry Chambers and Cepheus St. Claire for number one contendership for the Interwire Championship. After a hard fought battle SEBAS was able to get the win, and now he has a huge match ahead of him with an opportunity at the Interwire title on the line. Congratulations SEBAS, and good luck! At this rate this man could very well be the next Interwire Champion.

Beef of the Week

Darcy May Morgan vs SKA

Our “Beef of the Week” for this week was a match with high stakes, the Cash in the Vault qualifying match between SKA and Darcy May Morgan! There was no way we weren’t going to give this to them after everything these two went to for this opportunity. Regardless of the outcome of the match, both Darcy and SKA showed us how talented they are. It could be the Pain for Pride spirit bringing the best out of them, but after this week, there’s no doubt that tons of success will be in their future. Congratulations to both SKA and Darcy May Morgan!

Show of the Week


Our “Show of the Week” for this week is the blue brand, Showdown! This was a stacked Showdown that immediately started off on an exciting note as Mr. DEDEDE revealed he will still be competing at Pain for Pride despite his injury. On top of this, we had the first ever Crack Stories, a PURE Championship number one contendership match between Xander Payne and Harper Lee, and in the main event the PURE Championship match between Jake Smith and Ryan Wilson. The excitement for Pain for Pride grows more and more, and shows like this is the reason why!

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs Cage

Our “Match of the Week” for this week is the main event of Dynasty, Kassidy Heart versus Cage! We all knew this match would be huge as soon as it was announced, and these two definitely lived up to the hype. This was a match between two former World Champions only weeks before Pain for Pride, and with Sienna Jade at ringside Kassidy Heart managed to get the win, but not without an incredible fight from Cage. These two showed exactly why they’re former World Champs, so congratulations to Cage and Kassidy for an incredible match!

Promoer of the Week

Darcy May Morgan

Who better to give “Promoer of the Week” to than the winner of this weeks “Beef of the Week”? Darcy May Morgan was on a level this week, and it only makes sense that she’s the one going into that Cash in the Vault ladder match at Pain for Pride. Darcy has always been extremely talented, and this was one of those weeks where if anyone was doubting her before, their eyes must be opened now. Darcy May Morgan is a star in the making, and now that she’s qualified for Cash in the Vault, her time make come sooner rather than later.

Champion of the Week

Jake Smith

See Most Valuable Elitist.

Most Valuable Elitist

Jake Smith

Yuck. Unfortunately, both “Champion of the Week” and “Most Valuable Elitist” for this week are going to none other than Showdown’s PURE Champion, Jake Smith. On Showdown, Jake Smith had a big task ahead of him as he was forced to defend his PURE Championship against Ryan Wilson so close to Pain for Pride. On top of this, Alexis Chambers who had helped Jake throughout his previous defenses was banned from ringside. Despite Alexis not being able to help though, Jake still managed to get the win, successfully retaining his title before Pain for Pride. This was a great showing of what Jake can do without Alexis getting involved, maybe we can see this same result at Pain for Pride. Congratulations Jake!

Written by Fight Grid

BREAKING NEWS: EAW Specialists Champion Sarah Price to appear on Showdown!

Dynasty 6/12/2020