Most Valuable Elitist #224

Rising Star of the Week

Kasey Kaos

Despite past awards, Kasey Kaos might just be rising star of the past month to be honest, but it’s better late than never. Kasey has been on an impressive run starting with the Grand Rampage and she has yet to let up since then. At Gateway to Glory she defeated 5 other men in a ladder match and showed why she is the #1 contender to the Universal Women’s Championship. All of the momentum is hers, now it’s a matter of seeing what she does with it when she gets that shot next week.

Beef of the Week

Darcy May Morgan vs Sarah Price

This was probably the hardest category to choose because of how invested everybody was this week in promoting their matches and going at it with their opponents. Special shout out to: Chris Elite/Cage, Serena/Kass/Sienna, SOSA/Drake, LC/Viz, Fire & Ice/Drizzy & Vizzy, Windgate/Walker. A lot of amazing matchups that lead to some great promo wars, but Darcy May Morgan and Sarah Price took the cake. We witnessed an elite level talent in Darcy May Morgan continue to be in her element and push out amazing material like only she knows how to. We also witnessed the coming out party and ascension for the young prodigy in Sarah Price who not just kept up with Darcy, but brought the fight to her. These two ladies wouldn’t budge and exchanged verbal blows all week and it was an amazing sight to see. A Specialists Championship matchup but in all actuality this could very well be a World Championship matchup one day.

Show of the Week

Gateway to Glory

Gateway to Glory was an amazing event that had all of us on the edge of our seats, twists and turns everywhere. The promos that went into the event alone was enough to let us know that we were in for something great. So many amazing matches, so many amazing moments, Jessica Miller asserting herself into the Viz/LC match, a surprise appearance by Heart Break Boy, that awkward Jaded Hearts moment, Rex McAllister with yet another accomplishment to his name, and the end of Drizzy & Vizzy as we know it. That was a very gruesome and gut wrenching ending to the show, and it just leads us to wonder…. where do we go from here? Gateway to Glory certainly left us with more questions than answers on the road to PFP, and I certainly can’t wait for it to all unfold.

Match of the Week

Chris Elite vs Cage

This was a great match between two amazing talents who could headline Pain for Pride in any given year. The bad blood between these two was evident and they brought all of the smoke to one another, not just in the match, but in the buildup to it as well. Everybody knew to expect this to be an all out war and that is exactly what we got. Unfortunately the match was destroyed by Impact who kind of has some unfinished business with these two men, but on the bright side that means we will more than likely have even more amazing matchups with these guys going forward. What a way to kick off the show and set the tone though, certainly a tough act to follow.

Promoer(s) of the Week

Drizzy & Vizzy

Despite the countless amazing promo efforts this week from various elitists, I think this should honestly go without saying. These two men were not just booked in a tag team match against two world championship caliber talents, but then their own respective singles matches on top of that against another set of world championship caliber talents… and they kept up all week. Very rarely will you get the kind of output and consistency displayed this week, so major props to those two.

Champion of the Week

Drake King

Drake wins champion of the week despite losing one of his championships, he managed to successfully defend his World Heavyweight Championship which solidified the fact that he will be walking into his second ever Pain for Pride in a headlining match. The story going into his bout with SOSA was a full circle culmination of his humble beginnings to now. He first made a name for himself by ending the career of Heart Break Boy, now that he is world champion, his past came back to haunt him in the form of SOSA Henderson, but he showed why he’s the champ in a successful defense. We won’t even talk about how he decapitated later that night though.

Most Valuable Elitist

Sarah Price

Between her star making performance on the mic and in the ring, it is safe to say that Sarah winning MVE was a given. Sarah has been a budding star for a while now, even tucked away in a tag team you could clearly see the star shining bright and the potential inside of her just waiting to manifest into something. Who would have thought that all we needed was a little bullying tactics from Darcy to bring it out? Sarah has been a hard worker for a long time, hasn’t cut any corners and because of that she is better for it. She has continued to evolve and everything came together in this match that saw her capture her first championship in EAW. She’s a testament to hard work paying off and trusting the process, and it’s safe to say that she is nowhere near done processing. Her win was one of the most feel good moments of the whole show and something tells me there will be a lot more feel good moments for years to come. Congrats to Sarah!

Written by Fight Grid

Showdown 5/16/20

Dynasty 5/22/2020