Most Valuable Elitist #223

Rising Star of the Week


Myles has been on a roll since returning and has yet to let up and that is a pocket he needs to stay in going forward. There is a lot of young talent on Showdown right now so it will be hard to stand out from the bunch, that is why matchups like these between two promising young prospects are important. The Ring Master had been Showdown’s new darling following Grand Rampage and Myles made it his mission to take that momentum for himself and that he did, injuring The Ring Master in the process. With what was one of Showdowns brightest young stars being taken out of the picture, Myles is in an even better position now.

Beef of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs Dr. Bethany Blue

Beef of the week goes to these two Voltage queens. Bethany has continued to do what she does, and that is being the most dynamic and creative personality in all of EAW, putting out elite level work no matter the matchup. Andrea in particular however truly stepped it up to another level this week channeling the anger and emotion and sass we haven’t seen from her any time before. This new side of her definitely left me taken aback(in a good way). I guess the key to truly getting a rise out of Andrea is to book her in compromising matches. So props to Malcolm Jones for booking this ridiculous match that resulted in a newer scarier version of Andrea(a version she should channel way more often going forward), and props to these two ladies for being professionals and making the most out of a less than ideal situation.

Show of the Week


This one should have went without saying. With Malcolm Jones in full control what could have possibly gone wrong this week? Voltage was a perfect blend of fuckery, drama, clusterfuck, and amazing booking. We saw the first ever Jello match between Andrea and Bethany, a battle of Ava sisters, Charlie Marr in a handicap match against everybody he bullied, shit even Jordie Marr had her work cut out for her this week having to face her brother and then be placed in a shark cage. We definitely need more MJ booked Voltages going forward. A true creative genius.

Match of the Week

Raven vs Rex

I’m sure a week ago Raven and Rex didn’t ever imagine themselves being forced to be on opposite sides of the ring, but these are the things that happen when Malcolm Jones is in charge. Nevertheless they had a great long back and forth main event match and left it all in the ring.

Promoer of the Week

Visual Prophet

Viz wins this week’s promoer of the week after a battle against Kensingten. Viz is somebody who everybody knows is one of the best on the microphone, his charisma and way with words is like no other, but very rarely do we get a serious side out of him… this week we saw him when he means all business. Going up against somebody with beliefs that go against his morals and values truly got a rise out of him and he left it all out there.

Champion of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava

Consuela was another Voltage elitist placed in a less than ideal predicament with their particular bookings this week, but she used it to make a statement. Ms. Extreme’s championship pedigree is established, so much to the point where she may have even passed Consuela up in the eyes of most fans. Consuela’s cash-in wasn’t met without criticism as her sister held it before her but Consuela showed exactly why she was Interwire Champion this week when she defeated her sister fair and square in the ring, proving that she deserves that honor.

Most Valuable Elitist

Sienna Jade

Similar to her arch rival in Serena Bennett, Sienna came through during a time where she was in dire need for a big win, and she managed to win over one of the top females in this company in Darcy May Morgan. Going toe to toe with Darcy on the mic is no small task, let alone defeating her in a 1 on 1 match. Granted Darcy did herself no favors by continuing to taunt Sarah Price, but Sienna did what any smart and savvy competitor would by taking advantage and rolling her up for the pin. This was a much needed win for Sienna and she now has some momentum on her side going into Gateway to Glory, momentum she will definitely need when facing two other top females in a tag match. Let’s keep up the great work Sienna.

Written by Fight Grid


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