Most Valuable Elitist #222

Rising Star of the Week

Colby Sol

Colby Sol picked up his first win in EAW after defeating a fellow rising star in Gavin McArdle in order to be named the #1 contender to the Interwire Championship. You couldn’t pick better timing for things to begin to pick up for him. The alliance between himself and Jesse Barlow seems to be paying dividends already and it will be interesting to see how things continue to fold now that he faces his biggest task yet in Consuela Rose Ava.

Beef of the Week

Kassidy Heart & Serena Bennett vs Drake King & SOSA Henderson

See Match of the Week.

Show of the Week


Voltage was an amazing show this week with a lot of twists, turns, and unexpected occurrences. The night started out with the Answers World Champion Mr. DEDEDE confronting the EAW Champion Andrea Valentine which resulted in a huge match being announced for the Fighting Spirit main event. It also included another unexpected visit from the Specialists Champion in Dynasty’s Darcy May Morgan who made it her business to show Sarah Price “how to get the job done”. Even MORE surprise appearances with Chris Elite joining the show and pretty much forcing a Blicky Boyz reunion, in result of this, Malcolm Jones now gets to book and control the whole Voltage next week… now that’s going to be a sight to see.

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart & Serena Bennett vs Drake King & SOSA Henderson

Anybody seeing this on the card could have probably imagined this would be an explosive and amazing back and forth plus a match for a plethora of reasons. Battle of exes, battle of champions, bitter enemies being forced to team, this match truly had the recipe for a beautiful disaster and it lived up to the bill. Rocky at first, but in the end Serena and Kassidy found their groove and was able to pick up the win against a dysfunctional Drake and SOSA pairing.

Promoer of the Week

Jack Ripley

Jack Ripley made a triumphant return at the Grand Rampage and clearly has a chip on his shoulder. His first match back resulted in one of his best promo performances in a long while. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that a motivated Jack Ripley is a scary prospect. He brought the fire to an amazing opponent in Shawn Sturgis, and now it’s up to him to continue on that path and keep the energy going forward.

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist

Andrea Valentine

This and Champion of the Week kinda goes without saying. If defeating every singles champion on your brand and solidifying your top spot doesn’t get you these awards, then really nothing will. Andrea displayed this week why she is the top dog on Voltage despite what naysayers or detractors might say about her defenses or how she won the title. She put any doubt to those claims by showing why exactly she’s the EAW Champion, a fighting champion, and the best of the best. She now has her work cut out for her against Mr. DEDEDE at Fighting Spirit, but if this week showed anything, she is more than ready for that challenge.

Written by Fight Grid

Elitist Of The Month: April Edition!

Dynasty 5/8/2020