Most Valuable Elitist #221

Rising Star of the Week

Bronson Daniels

Bronson wins this week’s rising star award after a great display on Showdown against three other up and coming talents. Fresh off of an impressive performance at the Grand Rampage, he picked up where he left off with hard work that set himself away from the pack in a group that included another impressive newcomer, MITSUBACHI. It’s clear that Bronson is not here to play games, but rather here to make a statement and carve a lane for himself and it will be very interesting to see how he continues to evolve going forward.

Beef of the Week

Xavier Williams vs Lucas Johnson

In what was an unexpected but impressive back and forth between these two veterans, it was clear that both men had something to prove this week. Xavier Williams is an all time great in this company who is known for being a workhorse and it seems as if that rubbed off on his opponent Lucas Johnson this week. Lucas had an extra pep in his step and an extra incentive to go hard in hopes of showing up the Hall of Famer and both men delivered great content.

Show of the Week


This was probably the hardest decision to make this week, which is a testament to just how great all three shows were. Dynasty had the explosive announcement from Chris Elite forcing the Jaded Hearts to face one another at Pain for Pride, Voltage had the explosive announcement of Malcolm Jones vs Charlie Marr at Pain for Pride, not to mention Cage’s unexpected appearance confronting Rex. However, Showdown had the explosive announcement of all explosive announcements when Jamie O’Hara made his return from injury to announce the recently burned Cameron Ella Ava’s pregnancy! That definitely changes the landscape of Showdown and the chips immediately fell from there, Jamie made his intentions clear, Ahren made his intentions clear, explosive action all throughout the night, a Jake Smith/Xav confrontation.. and not to mention, Mr. DEDEDE’s amazing championship celebration that turned into an impromptu title defense. What more could you ask for?

Match of the Week

Visual Prophet vs Cage

This match included great back and forth action between two men with a lot of bad blood between one another. Cage and Viz have history dating back to Battle of Egypt in a match that basically created the Drizzy & Vizzy tag team and a losing effort for Cage that has had a chip on his shoulder ever since. Cage finally got a chance to redeem himself and ironically the same way he lost in the first match-up became the way he won in the second matchup, everything came full circle for Drizzy & Vizzy in this match on the heels of a very emotional Grand Rampage night. Now that’s what I call storytelling.

Promoer of the Week

The Visual Prophet

Nothing but a regular week at the office for Viz. He has constantly proved over the past year and a half why he is one of the top promoers in the company and this week proved no different. He had a great back and forth with Cage that even forced Cage to step outside of the box and change his format in order to compete, and that’s what we call greatness.

Champion of the Week


DEDEDE definitely had the most memorable week out of all of the champions this week. His championship celebration brought out the stars and the who’s who of EAW, if you weren’t there you simply weren’t cool enough to be there. Not to mention he proved he was a fighting champion ready for any challenge at any time by defeating Shaker Jones in an impromptu match. What a way to kick off a legendary 8th reign. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Serena Bennett

What makes a star isn’t always defined by when everything is going well for them, it is sometimes defined by how one reacts to adversity, how they perform under pressure and distress, Serena displayed just that this week. Late 2019 all the way to 2020 has not been her year by a long shot, but making her return at Reckless Wiring we got a chance to see glimpses of what made Serena the fast rising superstar she was in season 12. After running into a huge roadblock by the name of Impact and even coming up short due to outside interference and then being thrown a curve ball, she remained ready and focused for the task at hand and that was facing hands down a top female in this company, Darcy May Morgan. Going toe to toe with Darcy is no easy task nor is defeating her and Serena managed to do both. This week showed she could still hang with the best of the best and display an elite ability, now she has picked up her biggest win yet since returning. If Serena wants to recapture the magic of season 12 she will have to continue being consistent and riding the momentum of this win, picking up big wins over top tier talent such as Darcy. Congrats to Serena!

Written by Fight Grid

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