Most Valuable Elitist #220

Rising Star of the Week

The Ring Master

There were a lot of great choices this week for rising star of the week, from Jalyn Garcia who was able to dethrone Justin Windgate and capture the same New Breed Championship that his mentor once held, to Kasey Kaos who had a star making performance at the Grand Rampage that left everybody remembering her name. When it came down to it however, we settled on The Ring Master who had one of the all time greatest individual Grand Rampage performances in EAW history. Posting what has to be some type of record 32 promos throughout the week, he showed he came to win. He entered in at number two, which is essentially no different than entering in at number one and he lasted until the final three while also ending the night with the most eliminations. If nobody knew who Ring Master was going into the match, they certainly know who he is now and he has a ton of momentum to build off of. It is going to be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

Beef of the Week

Grand Rampage Match

I think it goes without saying that this match is beef of the week. The promos for this match left us on the edge of our seats with multiple participants in the match giving it their all and posting at such a rapid pace that it was too much to keep up with at times. The competitive spirit was very high and it set the tone for the rest of the matches in this event. A special shout out goes to Rex, Cage, Ring Master, Ahren, SOSA, Kasey, Charlie Marr, Terry Chambers & Bronson Daniels all who posted 10+ promos not to mention the other people who all posted a lot this week.

Show of the Week

Grand Rampage

I think you should’ve saw this coming from a mile away and it’s crystal clear what our show of the week is this week. Grand Rampage absolutely delivered if it weren’t for the determination and drive that each competitor held as they pushed through the week or the surprises that we met that came in the form of the Grand Rampage match. People like Myles, MaK, and Jack Ripley really brought the shock value up and believe me that’s not all. Wins that absolutely shocked everyone in the form of Mr. DEDEDE regaining the Answers World Championship and becoming the first elitist to hold a world title in 3 different decades or Sienna Jade making her return to gain Impact a shock victory over Serena Bennett or especially Consuela Rose Ava cashing in the 24/7 Contract on her own sister to win the Interwire Championship, Grand Rampage didn’t cease to amaze and believe me it will be a show that will be left on the mind of many elitist for the foreseeable future!

Match of the Week

Grand Rampage Match

What is there needed to be said that wasn’t already said? The Grand Rampage match didn’t disappoint in any sort of way. It left us on the edge of our seats especially when the whole match dwindled down to three people left. It built up future stars that will be remembered in the long run especially but not limited to Kasey Kaos and The Ringmaster. It was an absolutely spectacular match yet what do you expect? The Grand Rampage match is always special and this week it was absolutely solidified. Hats off to all the entrants!

Promoer of the Week


Honestly, I don’t think this should surprise anyone. Grand Rampage week was historic with the amount of effort put into not just the Grand Rampage match, but every match on the card. Everyone gave this FPV their one hundred percent, and within the first few days 2019’s promo record may have already been surpassed. Everyone that took part in this event should feel proud of themselves after their performances, and hopefully everyone continues to keep this energy going forward. It would be impossible giving this award to just one person, so here we go. Our promoers of the week this week are everyone!

Champion of the Week

Jake Smith

:noah: Do I really have to write this? Fine, our Champion of The Week is Jake Smith! Jake came in and proved himself not to be one to look over when he holds the PURE Championship, kind of. Despite the dirty business involved it goes without saying that the hard work he put in contrary to that is crystal clear. He retained his title and everything else in between and that means we’re going to see him with the gold for a bit longer. And whilst people may hate that it’s something they’d have to accept. Love to hate him, hate to love him, Jake Smith is our Champion of the Week.

Most Valuable Elitist

Rex McAllister

This was a very difficult award to give out after all that went down at Grand Rampage, but I don’t believe there is anyone more deserving of this week’s Most Valuable Elitist than Rex McAllister. Rex has spent the past few months working to make his way back into the Pain for Pride main event, but this time he was looking to do so on his own terms after only making it there last year thanks to Impact and his Gawd Contract. Well, thanks to Rex winning the Grand Rampage from the number fifteen spot, it looks like he now has the chance to do just that. Rex has put a crazy amount of effort this season, especially when it comes to this week, but I’m sure everyone expected him to go hard after last year. Nonetheless, Rex deserves this, and hopefully he can make the most of this monumental win in the second ever forty man Grand Rampage match.

Written by John Helms

Showdown 4/25/20

Voltage 4/26/20