Most Valuable Elitist #218

Rising Star(s) of the Week

SASS Sierra and Sarah: SuperGirls!

For our Rising Star(s) of the week, we had to choose none other than SASS for this one. You talk about absolutely major wins under the belts of Elitist you got SASS getting a win over the Extreme Valentines! I mean cmon it’s not every day you get to beat the EAW Champion and the EAW Interwire Champion on the same night. Sure a bit fishy things came up involving Malcolm Jones but it doesn’t take away from the fact nonetheless that this is a big trophy to put in the trophy case! Big victory for SASS and a well-deserved spot on our list for this week.

Beef of the Week

Cage & Chris Elite vs. Darcy May Morgan & Justin Windgate

Beef of The Week for this week has to go to the tag match between Cage and Chris Elite vs Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate! To be honest with you it was Cage and Elite who had more beef with themselves than anything else and that’s what made them stand out front the rest. But that wouldn’t be discrediting the opponents on the other side who took advantage along the week to their own liking along with something that Cage and Elite were lacking which was teamwork from both Darcy and Justin to gain them the win. We’re absolutely excited to see how this Cage and Chris Elite feud is going to go and with this match not only laying the foundations for it, this is why it is our Beef of The Week

Show of the Week


For the Show of The Week, we had to give it to Dynasty! Dynasty was full of bombshells coming our way. With things like the return of Serena Bennett to in-ring competition and the return of Impact, in general, interrupting Serena’s promo on her return to the Dynasty brand, it was very eventful, to say the least. It also laid the foundation for the future when Chris Elite that there will only be empty arena matches due to the pandemic and canceling all of the South American tour dates and likely many more! Dynasty hit us with many surprises and shock factors that built it up to be our choice for Show of The Week!

Match of the Week

Raven Roberts vs. Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Jalyn Garcia vs. Charlie Marr

The match that we chose this week is an obvious one as it was clearly a standout for all which is the Unique Opportunity Ladder Match! In an absolute slugfest where each and every single one of the people who participated in this match literally put their all into getting this Unique Opportunity, the cherry on top was the match itself. High spots and attempts at murder truly put this under the Voltage name and we could not be happier with how this turned out. Dr. Bethany Blue came out with the win in possibly the best way possible and we’re absolutely elated to see what is in store and what the Unique Opportunity entails for the Doc.

Promoer of the Week

Serena Bennett

Our promoer of the week is none other than the first-ever Universal Women’s Champion, Serena Bennett. Serena Bennett made a jaw-dropping return at Reckless Wiring, taking out Ronan Malosi in a scene of events nobody expected to happen. This week, Serena proved she was back with a vengeance. Serena has made it clear that she wants payback on Sienna Jade after Sienna took her out of action, however before she could do that she had to take on Ronan Malosi as Ronan wanted some payback of his own. Serena made it clear that she didn’t think very highly of him, but nonetheless she proved that she hadn’t lost a step the months she was away, with a performance deserving of promoer of the week.

Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

Our Champion of the week is none other than Dynasty’s National Elite Champion, Kassidy Heart! At Reckless Wiring, Kassidy successfully managed to defend her Championship against Nathan Von Liebert, but the Mauler’s path of destruction didn’t quite end there. Just the week after Reckless Wiring Kassidy would defend her Championship against one of Dynasty’s rising stars, Lisa Wren. The two engaged in a very entertaining back and forth match, but in the end, it was Kassidy that walked out of Dynasty still your Champion. It was impressive enough going through what Kassidy did to retain her Championship at Reckless Wiring, but defending it again just a week later is even more impressive, making her the Champion of the Week.

Most Valuable Elitists

Dr. Bethany Blue

Our Most Valuable Elitist this week is former Interwire Champion and quite possibly the next Specialists Champion, Dr. Bethany Blue! In recent weeks we’ve learned that Dr. Bethany Blue has her sights set on the Specialists Championship, and it looks like things are coming along perfectly for the Doctor. As we all know, that Unique Opportunity Ladder Match was never going to be easy, but the former Interwire Champion still managed to defeat some of Voltage’s best Elitists to gain yet another big opportunity. Momentum seems to be on the side of Dr. Bethany Blue, and it’ll be interesting to see where she goes after such a huge win.

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 4/10/20

Most Valuable Elitist #219