Most Valuable Elitist #216

Beef of the Week

Raven Roberts vs. Harper Lee vs. Alexis Chambers 

There was plenty of matches which could have gone here, but I believe that the Universal Women’s Championship Match really brought everything to the table. This was my favorite Triple Threat Match on this show. The Answers World Championship Triple Threat Match was amazing and had the star factor; however, I really love the fire that this much brought through the week. it was a fun match to keep in touch with And I really hope that this magic exceeded every expectation that people have for it. Everyone looked amazing in the match proved why they belong in this match. I would love to see Harper and Alexis get another opportunity at this because I feel like they grew so much in this week. As for Raven, I already know how fantastic she is and I expected nothing less from her.

Show of the Week

Under Siege

For the second week in the row EAW provided everyone with the best product possible. Under Siege exceeded all the expectations that Every match on the card was amazing. all of these matches had their moments. All of them shined and proved why Showdown is one of the best brains in the company. Like with Shock Value, you can pick one match out of the show and you would be at the edge of your seat for it. Also, this show has segments which progressed things and will provide continuity on Showdown. Matches such as the PURE Gauntlet, EAW Championship, Universal Women’s Championship, Hardcore Match and Jamie versus Candice and the Unified Tag Team Championship Match were amazing in their own rights. It was tough to pick one match for Match of the Week, but I somehow did. 

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Xander Payne 

Mr. DEDEDE versus Xander Payne is the Match of the Week. This match truly delivered. From the comments towards Xander and his weight to Kassidy Heart throwing a potato at him, I thought this match did a great job with the balance between comedy but also maintain the seriousness of this rivalry. This match had its moments. It’s a match that I remember a week later. From the outcome of the match, it’s safe to say that this rivalry is not over yet. I thought their back and forth was amazing. I adore seeing these two dynamics go back-and-forth with each other. I would not be opposed to seeing these two going against each other again just for the interactions.

Promoer of the Week

Xander Payne

For Promoer of the Week, Xander Payne takes this spot. I believe he put some of his best work out this week. it’s amazing to see him deliver an exceed any expectations people had them. I was a little curious to see how he handles Mr. DEDEDE, but I believe he handled himself just fine. Getting a victory over someone as impressive as Mr. DEDEDE, takes him to the next level, and it makes them more of a threat than before. I wonder if he’ll find himself in Answers World Championship picture. At the moment, it seems like nothing could take him down. To me, this would seem like the perfect opportunity to place himself back in the title picture. However, with DEDEDE being in a number one contender’s match, I can see that being pretty tough for him to do, but we’ll see how things go down.

Champion of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava

Cameron Ella Ava takes this spot as the Champion of the Week. Cameron had not only one opponent to focus on but two. Going up against Ahren Fournier and Chris Elite Is not easy at all. Throughout the match, she seemed to be in a bit of a disadvantage and it made me wonder if she was going to get out of this title defense alive. The ILLIONAIRES did everything they could to make sure that the title went to one of them, but Cameron was not going to let go over title without a fight. As for Cameron, it seems like she moves on to another tough title defense as she may cross paths the man that she defeated on the first Showdown of the new year. I am hoping that she finds a way to conquer the odds again, but we will have to wait and see. 

Most Valuable Elitist


Congratulations to the NEW Universal Women’s Champion, Minerva! Following in Raven Roberts’ defense Minerva decided to come out in cash in her Iconic Cup, but it seemed like Raven was not going to give up her title without a fight as she managed to kick out of The Princess Killer. Minerva needed to connect with Paradise Lost in order to win the championship. I was not expecting for her to cash in as quickly as that, but it was amazing to see this cash in happen. it seems like we’re leaning towards Raven versus Minerva at Grand Rampage. If Minerva accepts her challenge, this is going to be the match that steals the show. This moment was well-deserved for Minerva an I could not be thrilled to see her get her due. 

Voltage 3/15/20

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