Most Valuable Elitist #214

Rising Star of the Week

Gwyn Gilfried 

On Dynasty, Gwyn Gilfried continued his winning streak by defeating Angel De Plata, Jr. Gwyn has proven to be one of the fastest rising stars of the brand, let alone this company. At this moment, I don’t think there is anyone that could be able to stop him. He is someone that I could see being a future champion on the brand. For being considered a “newcomer” in EAW, he is someone that is miles ahead of the competition. I really hope that he stays around for a while because I believe there is something in him that this place needs to see more. He is already goat and has the eyes on him already. I can’t wait to see what he does next.  

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For the go-home edition of Voltage, they really progressed everything that is going to be featured at Shock Value. Personally, for me, I have been waiting months for the wedding of Raven Roberts and Rex McAllister. However, I am also looking forward to matches such as Andrea Valentine versus Charlie Marr; and Ms. Extreme and Terry Chambers taking on Dr. Bethany Blue and Lars Grier. Matches like Consuela Rose Ava versus Sierra Bradford and Jalyn Garcia versus Sarah Price are matches that have the capabilities to steal the show. I love how this event is looking from the two weeks of buildup. I have no doubt that this show is really going to set the bar for Dynasty and Showdown to try to surpass.

Match of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs. Raven Roberts 

Andrea Valentine versus Raven Roberts is the Match of the Week. I was not expecting for such a high-profile match to be on the go home show, but it was amazing to see. I really adored seeing these two women that respect each other going up against each other. This match should be a Match of the Year contender. These two managed to push each other to the limits. Regardless of who won, they would have earned the victory. Overall, this was such an amazing match. It left me on the edge of my seat. I really didn’t have anyone that I really for in this match because I wanted to see the both of them went so much. This was an amazing match to wrap up the show. 

Promoer of the Week

Sarah Price

Sarah Price takes this spot as the Promoer of the Week. Obviously, we’re aware of how talented Sarah is. I feel like people have been sleeping on her for the longest time when she has all the potential in the world to become a future champion. She always put on amazing work. She’s someone that everyone’s eyes should be on. This week, she was amazing and just another example of how great she is. She is someone I find myself rooting for and wanting for her to succeed. I love that she has this underdog mentality. However, she is not gonna let anyone push her around. I hope that she gets her first championship at some point this season. She is very deserving of that. I’m excited to see how she performs in this Electric Floors Match. I can’t wait to see what she has underneath their sleeve.

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist 

Raven Roberts 

Raven Roberts is our Most Valuable Elitist. A week before wedding, she picks up a victory over the EAW Champion, Andrea Valentine. This victory provided her with some great momentum for her match as Under Siege. Perhaps, it provided her with a bit of confidence for her wedding day. Raven seems like she’s on cloud nine at the moment and the thing is going to take her down. For me, I can’t wait to see how this one goes. I hope no one interrupts it. I hope that her wedding is not ruined. I just wish positive vibes all around. As much I’m excited about the wedding, I can’t wait to see how this Triple Threat Match at Under Siege goes for her. it’s going to be her most challenging defense yet, but I think that she’ll be able to handle it.  

Voltage 3/1/20

Elitist of the Month: February Edition!