Most Valuable Elitist #212

Rising Star of the Week

Jalyn Garcia 

Competing for a chance to face Justin Windgate for the New Breed Championship, Jalyn Garcia defeated Shane Gates and NvL to be next in line for a shot at the title. This victory was something that. Jalyn really needed to get himself to the next level. He has all the potential to being something great in this company and so far, this second run in EAW is looking to be a good one. Him versus Justin is going to be a match which steals the show and if there is someone that could give Justin a run for his money, it has to be Jalyn. 

Beef of the Week

Drake King vs. Ryan Wilson

Drake King versus Ryan Wilson is the Beef of the Week. For me (not sure about everyone else), it was one of the more compelling back-and-forth. We saw Ryan having enough with people not believing that he’s not good enough. Meanwhile, you have the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion looking to make an example out of Ryan. I thought both men gave it everything that they had and it made their match a million times more exciting. Both made an impression in that match and despite the result, both men looked amazing.

Show of the Week

Clash of Kingdoms

Fresh off from an eventful King of Elite, we did not stop as we had Clash of Kingdoms the week after! For a week to put together this show and do our best not to show signs of how King of Elite getting the best of us. Matches like Drake King versus Ryan Wilson, Andrea Valentine versus Cameron Ella Ava and Rex McAllister versus Malcolm Jones were just a few of the must see matches of the event; however, you can pick any match from this show and it would be amazing to watch! It was one of the shows where it progressed some of the programs that we see on the weekly EAW programming and it makes me wonder what shows like Shock Value, Under Siege and Reckless Wiring will have in store! 

Match of the Week

Minerva vs. Constance Blevins

Speaking of amazing matches on this show, the Iconic Cup Finals was our Match of the Week! This was one of the more personal and emotional matches of the card between two women who wanted nothing more than to win the Iconic Cup. Constance Blevins and Minerva pushed each other through hell and back for the sake of this Cup. It was really one of those matches, where it could have gone the other way. I wondered if Heavenly Hell was going to be okay after the match was done. They didn’t seem like the two women to let this Iconic Cup tear them apart, but you really never know in these matches. From how things panned out post-match, it seems like our favorite goth queens will be more than alright. 

Promoer of the Week

Drake King

Drake King takes the spot as Promoer of the Week. Once again, I thought Drake posted some fantastic promos. I could go on and on about his improvement, but when going up against any level of competitor, he manages to bring his best no matter what. I thought his particular match for Clash of Kingdoms added into his motivation to do the best he could. I think everyone knew that he was going to bring something to the table for this match and he did not disappoint whatsoever. I can’t wait to see how his reign as World Heavyweight Champion goes because I think that this is going to be a title reign for the books!

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

For Champion of the Week, EAW Champion, Andrea Valentine takes this spot after getting a victory over the Answers World Champion, Cameron Ella Ava. For the first women’s match in DOHA, QATAR, I thought this was an amazing match to witness. You could tell how meaningful the moment was for the two of them, but for Andrea to pull all the stops to get a victory over the Hall of Famer, it takes her to the next level. By the recent events, we figured out that Charlie Marr will be getting his so-called “rematch” at Shock Value and it’s going to be an Electrified Steel Cage of Death, which was also the same match in which Charlie won the EAW Championship. I’m crossing my fingers that Andrea pulls this one off. :wow: 

Most Valuable Elitist


Congratulations to the 2020 Iconic Cup Winner! What an amazing performance by Minerva and a well-earned victory! She was just one of the few very deserving women to earn this achievement. She was in the finals a year prior but fell short of the prize, so I was more than thrilled to see Minerva redeem herself from last year. Now, the question is: when is she going to cash in the Cup? It’s going to be one of the more interesting cash-ins that I’ll be waiting to see happen. Minerva must be licking her lips at the thought that she is able to control her own destiny and there is no doubt that she is going to be a future Universal Women’s Champion! Wow, it seems like amazing things are ahead of her. All we just wanna know is when it all begins? For now, we’ll theorize, but congratulations again, Minerva!

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