Most Valuable Elitist #211

Rising Star of the Week

Gwyn Gilfried 

With all of the focus on Fight Grid, let’s not forget the Fight Grid people as Gwyn Gilfried is our Rising Star of the Week. During the February 8 edition of Fight Grid, Gwyn ended up getting the victory for his team. As one of the rising stars of the Dynasty brand, he has proven to be a wonderful technical wrestler and someone who has all the tools to become a future champion on the brand. If there is a newcomer that people need to be on a lookout for, it’s Gwyn. He’s already come into the company with a chip on his shoulder, but he’s proven that he doesn’t deserve to be overlooked by anyone else. I’m excited to see how far this guy goes to EAW. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

King of Elite

King of Elite was a wonderful event and it set the bar for all the tri-brand to try to surpass. Every match on the card was better than the last one and all of them had their own stories such as Andrea Valentine versus Terry Chambers had the story of each of them trying to conquer their own demons. Ms. Extreme versus Bethany Blue with trying to take down the other as both fell like they were wronged in their own ways. A bunch of fuckery Cameron Ella Ava versus Xander Payne with the liposuction machine and whatever madness that Consuela Rose Ava versus Lars Grier had. It had its moments like in Lethal Consequences versus Kassidy Heart and Drake King versus TLA, which made you freaked out and wondering what the hell is going on? Each match on the card was amazing and you could pick one of these matches to watch and you’d see the beauty of it.

Match of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs. Jamie O’Hara vs. Charlie Marr

One of the matches that got me to the edge of my seat was the King of Elite Finals consisting of The Visual Prophet, Jamie O’Hara and Charlie Marr. I thought this was a beautiful match. Each of their stories and motivations made the match more impactful. I thought it got across so well and you found yourselves invested in the story. People hated Charlie Marr. People wanted nothing more than for Jamie O’Hara to win the match and become the only man to win all three major accomplishments. People wanted nothing more than for The Visual Prophet to continue his rise in EAW. There three of these men could have been an interesting King of Elite, but holy shit. This match is a MOTY candidate just for the storytelling alone in this match. :whew: 

Promoer of the Week

Fire & Ice

Well…is anyone surprised? Boy, I have never met two people who wanted to win a match more than Fire and Ice. These two were cutthroat and gave zero fucks about whether the other team was going to be able to keep up. Even though The ILLIONAIRES did everything in their power to keep up and embrace the challenge in front of them, Rex McAllister and Raven Roberts were always one step ahead of them. They may be called “Fire and Ice,” but these two were on fire the entire week. Congrats on their future opportunity for the Unified Tag Team Championships! I’m wondering when they decided to cash in their opportunity? Grand Rampage? Shock Value? No matter what, the tag champs better watch out because Fire and Ice are taking no prisoners! :lupe: 

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Andrea Valentine faced Terry Chambers in a Razorwire Chain Match for the EAW Championship. I thought this match was gruesome. It was brutal; however, you couldn’t keep your eyes off the match. You held onto the curiosity and wondered if Andrea was going to find a way to retain and she did that. This was one of the more brutal title defenses on the card and it was a wonderful way for Andrea to kick start off her series of title defenses. Terry Chambers was a wonderful first opponent. It was a wonderful way for Andrea to conquer her demon of losing the Specialists Championship in the first defense and at the same event as well. I can’t wait to see how this reign continues for her. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

The Visual Prophet 

Congratulations to the 2020 King of Elite, The Visual Prophet! This is a well-deserved achievement for Viz. There is no one that works as hard as he does and if there is anyone, who can benefit from King of Elite, it happens to be him. Now, I’m just conflicted on whether he’ll use that World Championship shot at his best friend in the whole wide world, Drake King? :lupe: There’s also the other World Champions in Andrea Valentine and Cameron Ella Ava. Any brand that has Viz as a contender for their World Championship is going to be in for a treat. I’m excited to see Viz continue to do his thing and assure people that he’s going to be a future World Champion. I’m curious to see if we’ll get that match by the end of the season or if we’re going to have to wait for that match to happen, but Viz can be unpredictable. Whatever champion he decides to go after, he’ll find a way to make it as interesting as possible! 

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