Most Valuable Elitist #210

Rising Star of the Week

Sarah Price

Sarah Price takes the spot as our “Rising Star of the Week” after a simple and swift victory over Veena Adams. Not only that, but Sarah is the sole reason why Veena is no longer on the Voltage roster. For that reason, everyone should be thanking this hero from saving the day and ridding Voltage of one of their biggest villains. What happens to Veena after this? We’ll figure out the answer to that. As for Sarah, she’ll continue to shine and rise to become a champion in the future? Could that be with Sierra Bradford? That could be a possibility. As for now, let us enjoy this moment of Sarah ridding the roster of one pain in the ass. 

Beef of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs. Lars Grier 

Andrea Valentine versus Lars Grier takes this spot as our “Beef of the Week.” About two years ago, this was a match for the Openweight Championship, where we saw Lars steal the title from Andrea. Two years later, these two are in different positions of their career and it was truly a matchup that I have been more than excited to see. The match ended in a bit of a controversy as everyone managed to get themselves involved in this match up — Consuela, Corvus and even an appearance by Terry Chambers. I enjoyed seeing Andrea and Terry join forces for that moment to help Consuela out. It won’t be the same thing going into King of Elite, but that’s fine. Not going to lie, but I would love to see the two of them clash once again and maybe, with bigger stipulations. 

Show of the Week


Showdown reigns as the “Show of the Week” after an action-packed show, which featured Lucas Johnson giving his explanation on why he’s returned. It also being announced that he will face the PURE Champion on the Showdown after Clash of Kingdoms. We saw progression with Shaker Jones and the Bozo Victims Unit. We had the number one contenders match for the PURE Champion, which helped build Jake Smith for King of Elite while progressing the rivalry brewing between Ryan Wilson and The Ring Master. We had an action-packed match with Raven Roberts and Ahren Fournier with Raven countering Ahren’s roll up and getting the victory that way. We even had Lucas Johnson being a little shot and trying to stir the pot with Heavenly Hell and another edition of Harlow Reichert’s PURE Championship Invitational, which gets her even more momentum before her match with Jake at King of Elite.

Match of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava vs. Jamie O’Hara

To continue talking about Showdown, Cameron Ella Ava versus Jamie O’Hara is our “Match of the Week.” Truly one of the more emotional, but brutal matches on the card. We saw the married couple clash for a spot in the King of Elite finals as well as the right to be Answers World Champion. Whenever these two face each other, it almost seems like a domestic violence thing happening and we’re not sure if that makes people comfortable or not. :lupe:  These two nearly killed each other, but it was truly an emotional match, which I don’t get how that can be possible, but it was truly perfection. :wow: In a matter of events, we had Xander Payne make his presence known, disqualifying Cameron, which makes Jamie get a spot in the finals, but Cameron keeps her title. In a way, it seems like everyone wins and the fans can go home happy. 😀

Promoer of the Week

Harlow Reichert 

For “Promoer of the Week,” we give this to Harlow Reichert, who put out some amazing work going into her match with Shaker Jones. In the third installment of her championship invitational, she showed no signs of slowing down and continued to prove to be one of the hardest working Elitists on the brand and possibly EAW as a whole. There are no signs of stopping Harlow from becoming one of the best PURE Champions we’ve had in recent memory. I am loving how her reign is going and she’s proven her point to be a fighting champion. She hasn’t denied anyone of a shot at the championship. I love that she’ll defend her title, anytime and place. These matches have been great and I can’t wait to see what she pulls out of her bag going up against her supposed “rematch” with Jake Smith at King of Elite. 

Champion of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist 


Not only did Showdown have all the championship matches, but Dynasty also had a championship match of their own as TLA faced Osamu Arcichida for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was another excellent title defense for TLA, but it was short-lived when Drake King wanted to leave another statement at the expense of  TLA and left him beaten. However, that doesn’t take away the accomplishment of making it through another title match. He has some momentum just with that alone, but Drake is going to do everything in his power to crush him down. TLA can’t give Drake that satisfaction and prove why he is the champion in the first place. I’ve enjoyed what TLA has put out and he’s proven to be a great champion. I can’t wait to see how his match against Drake at King of Elite goes. It should be a good one!

Note: I don’t do MVEs for go home shows. The next one I will post is for King of Elite week! 

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