Most Valuable Elitist #209

Rising Star of the Week

Sierra Bradford

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Sierra Bradford takes this week’s spot as our “Rising Star of the Week.” This young woman found herself to be double-booked, but she did not miss a step as she managed to get the winning pin during her tag team match on Dynasty. She managed to defeat Komatsu Ogawa in a Deathmatch on Voltage.  I would not be shocked if she gets herself in contention for the Specialists Championship at some point, but I adore that she is making an immediate impact. If there is going to be anyone that can bring a fight to Darcy May Morgan, it has to be Sierra. Keep an eye on this girl because she’s destined for great things!

Beef of the Week

Kassidy Heart & Darcy May Morgan vs. Lethal Consequences & Sierra Bradford

Speaking of Sierra Bradford, she, along with Lethal Consequences versus Kassidy Heart & Darcy May Morgan takes this spot as the “Beef of the Week.” Never in a million years did I expect to see Kassidy and Darcy team up, but I just love seeing this dynamic with their promos. I also loved seeing the mismatch dynamic with Lethal and Sierra. To most, it seemed like a pairing that was doomed to fail, but these two somehow escaped with the victory. It may or may not be because of Lethal, but that’s up for debate. I thought this progressed things for each match/potential match and the idea of Kassidy and Darcy teaming up is something that I would not mind seeing again. For Lethal and Sierra, it was one team-up that happened and probably will not happen again. Yay for Lethal for cooperating though!

Show of the Week


Voltage gets “Show of the Week” for giving some wonderful progression with many of the rivalries as well as delivering some of the most compelling stories out of the three brands. The whole situation with Dr. Bethany Blue and Ms. Extreme is so amazing since it was already a story that’s written itself. Their matchup at King of Elite is going to be amazing! The story with Lars Grier and Consuela Rose Ava has grown to be one of my favorites as well. I feel like poor Consuela doesn’t know what she is getting herself into with Lars. :lupe: Oh and of course, I love the whole story with Jesse Barlow, Hannah Marin, and The Woogieman. It makes me wonder how Woogie is getting all of this information from, but if you wanna learn dirt about people, go to him. He’s got you covered. Andrea Valentine versus Terry Chambers continues to get more interesting as the weeks go by. I wasn’t expecting the match to become a Chain Match, but for Andrea to go back to the past and redeem herself from losing a title in her first defense and in a chain match is something that’s I’m curious to see.  

Match of the Week

Charlie Marr vs. Dr. Bethany Blue

As we continue on with the Voltage bandwagon, Charlie Marr versus Dr. Bethany Blue is our “Match of the Week.” If I were to tell me that this was going to be our finals, I probably would not believe you because these two are probably the sneakiest people on the Voltage roster. I knew this match was going end in some controversy, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be Malcolm Jones playing mind games with Charlie or if Ms. Extreme was going to make an appearance, but to see Ms. Extreme be the reason why Bethany’s single’s winning streak ending is big. I can sense that Bethany will be looking for any opportunity to get her revenge and it’s going to be fun to see if Ms. Extreme can dodge whatever Bethany plans to throw on her. That’s is…if she can get out of jail. :lupe: #FREECAMILLE

Promoer of the Week


Minerva takes this spot as “Promoer of the Week.” From this edition of Dynasty, we learned that Minerva would be facing her Heavenly Hell tag team partner, Constance Blevins in the Iconic Cup Finals at Clash of Kingdoms. Her match with Kensingten Calhoun-Astor was another pick for “Beef of the Week,” but I’m interested to see how Minerva performs in this Iconic Cup Finals. Last year, she was in the same position and had a great performance. However, Minerva has grown so much within the past year and I’m excited to see what she brings to the table going into the match with Constance. It’s probably going to be tough to see Minerva tear Constance apart and there’s no doubt that Constance is going to bring her game, but I expect this match to be emotional. :mjcry: 

Champion of the Week

Harlow Reichert

In the second installment of her Open Invitational, Harlow Reichert retained the title against Harper Lee in an amazing matchup, which was almost considered for “Match of the Week.” If there was a match to elevate Harlow and her reign as PURE Champion, it had to be this title defense. Harper looked amazing and there’s no doubt that she will be champion in the future, but it makes me happy to see Harlow elevate the title even higher and with Lucas Johnson making his return and attacking Harlow, it seems like we’ll be getting that match in the near future. As for Harlow, it’s obvious that she’s going to be defending the title at King of Elite. I’m wondering what competition is going to be left if she’s gonna be defending her title every week? I’m curious to see how all of this with Lucas unfolds. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Charlie Marr

Charlie Marr is our “Most Valuable Elitist.” It was learned in this edition of Voltage that it will be Charlie Marr, who represents Voltage in the King of Elite finals. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Charlie, but you may need to call him King of Elite — which is pretty terrifying to even think about. :lupe: It makes me curious who are going to be the representatives from Dynasty and Showdown, but Charlie managed to surpass all the competition on his brands such as Rex McAllister, Ms. Extreme, Terry Chambers and Dr. Bethany Blue to make it to the finals. This may not be people’s ideal representative, but Charlie is going to thrive on the hatred that people give him. Imagine if he manages to win King of Elite? If he has it his way, he would already be king and make Jordie queen in the process. I’m just excited to see this King of Elite finals match go down. Bring on the Dynasty and Showdown representatives! 

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