Most Valuable Elitist #206

Last MVE of 2019! Happy Holidays!

Beef of the Week

Voltage Extreme Elimination Chamber

To begin this last MVE of the decade, Beef of the Week belongs to the Voltage Extreme Elimination Chamber. This was one of the most fun back-and-forths that I saw with any of the chamber matches. Each of the competitors poured everything with their promos and that went noticed. I had no idea who was going to be first eliminated from the match, but it was terrific to see everyone with the common cause of taking down Charlie Marr and each competitor being as respectful as possible to each other. I loved how competitive this was and it added to the story of the match. You can feel the emotion and be captivated to see how this one ends. 

Show of the Week

Road to Redemption

Hands down, the Show of the Week. This was an excellent tri-brand FPV to end 2019 and the decade as well. The four Extreme Elimination Chambers were excellent and perfectly executed. We saw new stars shine in the Specialists Chamber like Joy Cassidy and Candice Blair while the main star of the show, Darcy May Morgan became the first woman to retain the title in a Specialists Chamber. We saw queens get their shining moments in the Voltage and Showdown Chambers. In order to end the decade, we witnessed nine out of eleven (if you count the tag champions as separate) champions be females., which is an amazing statistic. Women dominated a good portion of this year and that’s something that no one can take away from them. Each match had a different story to tell. Voltage’s storytelling in their chamber match was amazing and flawless. I live for that stuff. Showdown had some moments like “LOLDDDKICKEDOUT” and “SUPER DDD,” which I will remember back on. Dynasty’s chamber had insane moments that I still look back on. I’m optimistic that 2020 will bring amazing things for everyone in EAW. We gonna be in for a wild ride. :wow:

Match of the Week

Dynasty Extreme Elimination Chamber

Since we brought up the topic of the chamber matches, it was tough to pick one chamber match. I thought they were all fantastic, but I kept looking back at the Dynasty Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. From the get-go, this match had so much fuckery with The Visual Prophet and the nunchucks in his pants to TLA’s exploding chancla to Kassidy Heart fucking dying to the Mexican Destroyer from the top of the pod to Drake King and Viz nearly dying next to each other as TLA retained his championship. There was also Cage brushing Drake’s teeth with a barbed wire toothbrush, which iconic in itself. Despite his run ending a little short, I thought he stole the show and had moments that I will look back on. Just everything about this match was amazing and everyone looked fantastic in the match…even Kassided.

Promoer of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

This was very difficult to decide on and kept going back-and-forth with some of the picks, but for someone to pour their heart and soul and STILL lose the match, it needs to be given props. I thought that this was some of his best work and if there was anyone else who could have won the Showdown Chamber, it was Jamie O’Hara. We’ve expected nothing less from him and his work is something that people are going to need to be on a lookout for in 2020. Sure, he old af, but still, keep an eye on him. This year, we saw the best of his work that I haven’t seen since 2017 and if he continues that work, I can see him getting another championship reign within the next year. I think he’s too good not to get his championship reign and to be kept in the back burner. 

Champion of the Week


One out of the two champions to retain at Road to Redemption, TLA managed to pin two of his opponents at the same time and retain his title. I had a bit of doubt to see how TLA would compare going into this match. However, I think he had the toughest chamber to survive out of everyone else. The competition in his match was stacked as hell. I wasn’t sure who was going to end up with that final two (or in this case, three) with him and we were going to get some heartbreaking eliminations in that match. Never doubt TLA, guys. Although, that might be a motivation to bring everything to the table. This was the best title retention that TLA could have gotten in this event. I’m excited to see who he faces at King of Elite, but TLA got the biggest title defense out of the way at Road to Redemption and nothing will be able to stop him.

Most Valuable Elitist(s) 

Andrea Valentine & Cameron Ella Ava

For the two women that made a bit of history at Road to Redemption, might as well put them as the Most Valuable Elitist(s)? 

For Andrea, I don’t think that there was anyone that expected her to pull this entire thing off. She won the Specialists Chamber last year and to see her pull off this victory this year was amazing. There was no one as deserving as her and she’s already looking like a future Hall of Famer in the process. Can she go in within the next few years? I’ll begin campaigning. I’m amazed by Andrea and I have nothing, but respect for MY EAW Champion. There is nothing that she can’t do. She is someone who constantly ceases to amaze me and is an example of what an Elitist needs to be in EAW. Someone who embraces what’s ahead of her doesn’t let setbacks get the best out of her and continues to fight through whatever odds are in front of her. I can’t wait to see how this reign goes for her. Congratulations to Andrea!

For Cameron, she finally did the one thing that she’s been waiting for years to happen and that holds a male-dominated World Championship. She not only did that but won the Showdown Chamber and overcame all of those odds. Out of everyone in the match, she had the most to prove. Not only to everyone but herself. Cameron earned this moment for herself and proved that her consistency, hard work, and dedication pays off. Everyone gets their due at some point — whether it be big or small and the process is something to be trusted. I can’t wait to see how this reign goes for her and can only hope that she gets the most out of this reign. It’s what she deserves. :wow: 

Note: Last MVE of 2019. I know I’ve been slacking when it comes to getting these up on time, but I’m gonna be better. Trust me. :mjcry: First of all, I hope you have a Happy Holidays. Second of all, MVE will be back in the New Year! Cheers!

Road to Redemption (2019)

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