Most Valuable Elitist #204

Wicked Games Edition!

Rising Star of the Week

Jesse Barlow

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Jesse Barlow starts us off by being the Rising Star of the Week. At Wicked Games, Jesse managed to pick up a victory over Shortfuse PAKA and Sarah Price. Some can argue that this victory had controversy since Hannah Marin had a bit of assistance with Jesse picking up the victory; nonetheless, Jesse is the number one contender for the Interwire Championship. With Road to Redemption being the next FPV, I can see this match is scheduled for this event. This was a well-needed victory for Jesse and something to keep him going. Dr. Bethany Blue is known for being crafty and has Nurse Goldstein by her side, but Jesse has Hannah by his side, so this may be even for both the champion and challenger. 

Beef of the Week

See MOTW. 

Show of the Week

Wicked Games

Voltage stole the entire weekend with Wicked Games, where Barbed Wire Massacre III was scheduled to take place — more on that event a little later, but I thought this show was amazing. One of my favorite matches of the night — other than my choice for Match of the Week — had to be the opening match between Terry Chambers and Dr. Bethany Blue. Like the fuckery in that match was insane and I just couldn’t believe what was going on. From Terry being lifted off on a forklift to the Nurse just backing up and knocking over Terry and Bethany to everything in between made this match amazing. Honestly, there was not one single match on this card that was weak at all. I thought each of these matches was strong and told their stories well. Matches like Consuela versus Korey was a battle of who can push the other to their limit and prevail. Andrea versus a tale of how Andrea was not going to take any of Veena’s garbage. Constance versus Raven was about how these two competitors aren’t the same from their time on Empire. Jack versus Rex was just a wonderful showcase between two of the best on Voltage.

Match of the Week

Charlie Marr vs. Ms. Extreme

For Match of the Week, I had to pick Charlie Marr versus Ms. Extreme in Barbed Wire Massacre III. This was match so unwatchable due to how gruesome and bloody it was; however, it made you want to watch it with the possibility that Ms. Extreme could walk out as EAW Champion. I thought promos and build-up for the match just made me more excited to watch this match. Both competitors made the most out of this match. Both seemed very comfortable with the stipulation, but Charlie managed to retain his championship, but Ms. Extreme made him earn that title retain. Just the entire story told by these two Elitists is the type of stuff why Voltage is amazing. I could see this being another MOTY candidate and it would be justified. I thought both competitors looked fantastic throughout the match and I believe this was Ms. Extreme’s best match since being apart of the company. I can’t wait to see what the two of them are doing post-Wicked Games.

Promoer of the Week

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister takes the spot as Promoer of the Week. He had a competitive match with Jack Ripley with the chamber spot on the line. I thought any of these two could have utilized the chamber spot. It seemed like Rex had this match in the bag, but I’m hoping that Jack gets another opportunity to qualify for the match, but I believe that Rex is in the perfect position to get his third World Championship reign. He has his issues with Charlie and their last confrontation didn’t end the way it’s supposed to be. If there is anything that could take the title off Charlie, Rex is one of those guys. I can already tell that Rex is going to be a fucking monster in a chamber match. He’s retained a title in a chamber match before and believes he has a good shot at winning a title again. 

Champion of the Week

See MVE. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Charlie Marr

Most Valuable Elitist goes to Charlie Marr for retaining his EAW Championship in a Barbed Wire Massacre out of all places. If there was one match that he could have won and got everyone to shut up, it would have to be this match. It was a wonderful title defense from Charlie, but he literally needed to kill his challenger in order to retain. However, he made the statement that he should have made and now, he steps foot in an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. I think this match is really going to channel what he is capable of as a wrestler. There’s also going to be no way for Charlie to escape and hide. The concept of Charlie being in a structure with someone like Rex, who had had his issues with Charlie is going to be intriguing. Charlie is going to need to pull the miracle of the century if he wants to leave with the title. Wonderful work with Charlie and I can’t wait to see his Road to Redemption stuff. 

Voltage 11/25/19

Most Valuable Elitist #205