Most Valuable Elitist #203

Reasonable Doubt Edition!

Rising Star of the Week

Harlow Reichert

Harlow Reichert is our Rising Star of the Week. At Reasonable Doubt, Harlow managed to defeat three other Elitists to become the number one contender for the Answers World Championship. In a match where it could have been anyone’s for the taking, Harlow proved that has so much to offer and there’s no doubt that she will give the Answers World Champion a run for their money. Harlow being presented an opportunity as fantastic is this is something that she needed to prove that she can hang out with the best like Mr. DEDEDE or Amber Keys. There’s no doubt that she is going to give it her best shot and the direction that she goes heading to Road to Redemption.

Beef of the Week

The ILLIONAIRES vs Jamie O’Hara and Cameron Ella Ava

This high profiled tag team match is our Beef of the Week. With four of the best Elitists on Showdown, there was no doubt that this was going to be a match that exceeds everyone’s expectations. This match could have fallen on everyone’s favors and to see The ILLIONAIRES get the victory of their tag team tenure is something that should put them in line for a Tag Team Championship Match, but we’ll see if they manage to get that on Showdown. As for Jamie and Cameron, we’ll see where the path takes each of them going into Road to Redemption, but each of these stories are for sure getting something that is going to peak each of their interests. I’m excited for the edition of Showdown just for the role that all four of them will be playing going into the last FPV of the year. 

Show of the Week

Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt is our Show of the Week. There was plenty matches on this card that put me on the edge of my seat. From the twist of Darkane and Xander Payne fighting in a deathmatch to Constance Blevins making Lance Blackfyre go unconscious to the main event itself, but I enjoyed this show and it was fun to see all of these stories and build-ups be finalized going into this event. It’s mind-blowing that we continue to raise the bar and prove that these company’s FPVs are something that cannot be replicated. To see us go from House of Glass and their deadly stipulations to Reasonable Doubt and a majority of the matches being safe, you can see that the Elitists are capable of delivering with whatever stipulation is given to them. Just seeing these past two FPVs has made us excited for Wicked Games, which cannot be missed! 

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Amber Keys

Holy shit, we go from Glass Wallz to a Hell in a Cell Match and it was another match that captivated the crowd. I was rooting for Amber to somewhat shock the crowd and win the Answers World Championship. The spots in this match were glorious. From Amber breaking her thumb trying to get the handcuffs off of her to Amber spearing DEDEDE from the top of the cell. If that spot is not nominated for anything at the Awards, I will be sad. I was holding my breath hoping that none of these people died. I know this was a Hell in a Cell Match, but I was not expecting for DEDEDE to literally take Amber to hell. It was the vibe for the entire match and my heart broke for Amber. She literally may never be able to wrestle again after the hell that DEDEDE put her through in the match. 

Promoer of the Week

See MVE.

Champion of the Week

Jake Smith

Jake Smith retained the PURE Championship against Mark Michaels and Santo Muerte. For a first title defense, the chances of Jake retaining were slim, but the champion pulled it off and left Reasonable Doubt with the championship. I think that this was a good first title defense for Jake and I’m just wondering if he’ll continue to raise the bar as these title defenses progress. I’m interested to see who will be up next for his title. I’m guessing whoever doesn’t qualify for the chamber will be good contenders. I would love to see Jake’s title reign last for a bit longer and I do think that Jake has the capability of doing that. When the right opponent is placed in front of him, he has able to show wonderful work ethic and what he is capable of in the ring. Yay for a successful title defense! 

Most Valuable Elitist


Mr. DEDEDE not only retained the Answers World Championship, but he ended the career of Amber Keys. He did all of that in Hell in a Cell. DEDEDE is at the point where no one can stop him. I mean, who in the world is going to stop this match? I can see this reign going on for a while longer if he finds no one that is able to stop him. Going into the chamber, it may be anyone’s last attempt at stopping DEDEDE and his reign of destruction. However, it seems like the destruction of an Extreme Elimination Chamber maybe somewhere where DEDEDE can be as brutal and deadly as he can be. I’m excited to see who takes part in this match, but it’s going to give other Elitists and it’s up for debate if any of the five will be enough to take the title off of him. As for right now, DEDEDE can enjoy his title reign and be worried free…for now. 

Most Valuable Elitist #202

Dynasty 11/15/2019