Most Valuable Elitist #200

Rising Star of the Week

Sarah Price

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Sarah Price takes this spot as the Rising Star of the Week. On the October 20 episode of Voltage, Sarah defeated Frankie Paradise to advance to the number one contender’s match for the Interwire Championship at Wicked Games. I’m intrigued to see how they are going to be building up to what while Sarah has her issues with Shortfuse PAKA. Will this feud step to the side or will it be resolved before Sarah faces Jesse Barlow by Wicked Games? If Sarah is able to go into the match with nothing holding her back, then she could walk out of Wicked Games with a shot at the Interwire Championship.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Showdown takes the spot as Match of the Week and with a show on a cruise ship, why wouldn’t it? Post Battle of Egypt, people had the most questions about the Amber Keys situation which occurred. The show began with Amber Keys discussing her actions at Battle of Egypt. I thought it provided wonderful insight into her motivations for doing what she did. There were a bit of the seed planting with Santo Muerte and Jake Smith; this was an interaction I never expected of happening at all. With Santo winning his match afterward, I thought it placed him in the right direction to wherever it goes. Another unexpected interaction was between Lucas Johnson and Heavenly Hell. Who in the world is going to team with Lucas and go after the Tag Titles?  There was also the “Public Announcement” with Mark Michaels, who intends to get his rematch for the PURE Championship. Mark hijacking the show was crazy and extra, but getting arrested on a cruise ship was something I never envisioned. The main even though. :wow: Just the entire ending with Cameron Ella Ava returning and helping Jamie O’Hara out and the two of them throwing The ILLIONAIRES into the fucking sea? :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Match of the Week

Terry Chambers vs. Jack Ripley

Not only our Beef of the Week, but our Match of the Week as well, Terry Chambers and Jack Ripley take this spot. If I can recall, this is Jack’s return match on Voltage. Terry is also someone that could need a victory as much as possible. My only complaint was this match didn’t have a victor, but I thought it was a creative as hell way to end the match. That’s just the beauty of Dr. Bethany Blue. Terry would have won the match without the Doc getting herself in the way. I thought it was an excellent match to end Voltage. I am curious to see the direction Jack goes after this match. From the previous week, it seems like we could see him resuming his issues with Charlie Marr. I’m excited for the Doc versus Terry. I am excited for Jack versus Rex! This is just gonna be good! 

Promoer of the Week

Darcy May Morgan

Darcy May Morgan manages to take this spot as Promoer of the Week. I believe over the past several months, she has been becoming her own. Darcy has been one of the most intriguing people to keep track of. I would love to see her in more impactful feuds, but I love the feud with Osamu Arcichida at the moment. Without having anyone holding her back, I think she will rise even higher than what she is supposed to. I love that she seems to put the effort each week and there’s no doubt that she will get her due eventually. If she continues to be on the same path that she is at the moment, there’s no way that she will find herself in the championship picture eventually. 

Champion of the Week


Despite it not being the ideal victory that she could have wanted, Minerva takes the spot as Champion of the Week. Minerva is always interesting. I’m always wondering what Minerva is going to do next. I’m interested to see more of the Lucas Johnson situation. Will Lucas find a partner on time to face Heavenly Hell at Reasonable Doubt? Heavenly Hell needs that one title defense. I’m assuming if they manage to get through the title defense at Reasonable Doubt, The ILLIONAIRES will be in the corner for them. Minerva and Constance’s story has been quite interesting and it’s about time that they aren’t going to take the disrespect anymore. Give them the opportunity and they will shine. That’s all I’m going to say. 

Most Valuable Elitist 


I’m not giving him this category because I’m scared of him. Maybe, I am, but Mr. DEDEDE managed to pick up an impressive victory against Shaker Jones, who was going to give him a fight for sure on Showdown. Post Battle of Egypt, DEDEDE seems to be very pissed of what happened and if he gets Amber Keys in the same ring as him, it may or may not end well for her. :lupe: I’m kind of interested to see if we’ll get DEDEDE’s response to the Amber Keys’ interview during the beginning of the show. I am interested to hear from him about the entire situation. When looking past the money that Amber cost him, I wanna hear how DEDEDE feels about the other stuff that Amber mentioned. I do think this is going to get more personal than it is at the moment. 

Voltage 11/10/19

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