Most Valuable Elitist #199

Rising Star of the Week

Jake Smith

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Jake Smith takes the spot as Rising Star of the Week. At Battle of Egypt, Jake ended Mark Michaels’ four-month reign as the PURE Champion. This moment marks the first time that Jake has held a championship in EAW and it’s most likely one of the many times that he will find himself in this position. Jake has grown to be one of the hardest working men in the EAW roster and it’s amazing to see people’s hard work pay off in the end. I’m excited to see where Jake’s title reign leads him. I’m hoping that he can get some wonderful title defenses in before dropping the title, but this is one of the titles where unpredictable things have happened, but it should be interesting how Jake approaches these challenges. Congratulations, Jake!

Beef of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs. Cage

As promos began to pile on, it was difficult for me to decide which “beef” I wanted to select for this category. For me, it was between Mark Michaels versus Jake Smith and The Visual Prophet versus Cage. I learned towards Viz versus Cage because I was not expecting them to go as hard as they did. These two were completely different in personalities and it was fun to see them interact. I had not to see Cage go as hard as he did in a while and it was refreshing to me. There is something about Viz that manages to make his opponents go beyond their comfort zones. This pairing was a match I didn’t know I wanted to see, but by their first promo videos, I knew it was something that I needed to see. I legit want to see a feud between these two, so it should be interesting if these two end up clashing again in some sort of way. 

Show of the Week

Battle of Egypt

Hands down, Battle of the Egypt proved that EAW can put out an amazing show two weeks after putting on one of the biggest shows of the season. We saw a series of dream matches such as The Visual Prophet versus Cage; Jamie O’Hara versus Tyler Parker and Kassidy Heart versus Kendra Shamez. I thought each of these matches lived up to the expectations. This was also the event with twist and turns — such as the Impact flexing his Gawd Contract in the biggest way, Sienna Jade returning and the whole fuckery with the World Heavyweight Championship picture. There was the return of Amber Keys who attacked Mr. DEDEDE after he defeated Charlie Marr. There was also feel-good moments like Jake Smith capturing the PURE Championship and Raven Roberts doing the unimaginable and cashing in Cash in the Vault on Kassidy Heart. For those that assumed that this was going to be a “filter” show, it’s probably the biggest one of the season and it’s going to lead to a bunch of unimaginable things. 

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Charlie Marr

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Charlie Marr is my Match of the Week. From the match, I thought it lived up to the expectations. I loved the idea of these two trying to outshine the other in their entrances. I thought it was a fun touch. If anyone believed that we were just going to get a match out of these two, you were sadly mistaken. These two come into this match with the intention of murdering the other and it was something that Ms. Extreme would have been more than okay with, but things didn’t go that way, sadly. Both men justified why they are the world champions of their brands. I was amazed by the little details that bring DEDEDE and Kassidy together (from using each other’s finishers to trying to get the referee to be afraid of them) — that was all amazing and I loved it. I thought both of these men looked amazing and have nothing to be ashamed about. 

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week


For Champion of the Week, Mr. DEDEDE takes this spot after an impressive victory over Charlie Marr. This match was another reason why DEDEDE is the man to beat in this company and people are going to have a difficult time trying to accomplish that. He was on fire the entire week and I am expecting nothing less than that going into Reasonable Doubt. From how things turned out at Battle of Egypt, I am assuming that Amber Keys will be next in line, but we’ll see if anything goes down on Showdown this week. DEDEDE seems to be in fantastic shape at the moment. I believe there is nothing that can stop him at the moment, so I am going to be interested to hear from Amber about why she attacked DEDEDE last weekend. I just hope that DEDEDE doesn’t kill her at all. :lupe:

Most Valuable Elitist

Raven Roberts 

Congratulations to the new Universal Women’s Champion! I knew that a Raven Roberts’ cash in was going to happen, but I was not expecting it to occur at this event. However, I love surprises and this was one surprise that I totally loved. Sure, there are question marks on what happens to Kassidy afterward, but I’m excited to see who is Raven’s first title defense. There is an endless list of contenders and I’m excited to see how this reign goes for her. She was someone very deserving of this achievement and she’s not going to let it end anytime soon. She’s finally on top of the division and there’s going to be people that want to knock her down, but I don’t see Raven letting that happen at all. Hopefully, she can wrap 2019 still as the champion, but we’ll have to see about that! Congratulations, Raven! 

Most Valuable Elitist #198

Dynasty 10/18/2019