Most Valuable Elitist #197

Post Territorial Invasion.

Rising Star of the Week

Jake Smith

On the September 28th episode of Dynasty, Jake Smith got a victory over Archimedes J. Manson. Later in the show, it turns out that one match will be his last match on the brand as he found himself getting traded to Showdown. As heartbreaking as that sounds, I do believe it will be a beneficial switch for him. As we move on to the next night, he accepted Mark Michaels’ challenge for the PURE Championship at Battle of Egypt. It seems like he will adjust quickly to the trade, and everything will be ok. 😀 I believe he and Mark will wrestle a classic for the title and elevate the prestige of the championship higher than it is at the moment. Jake was terrific at Territorial Invasion, and he is deserving of this match. Good luck to Jake at Battle of Egypt! 

Beef of the Week

Rex McAllister vs. Terry Chambers

These two men were not successful of their quests to leave Territorial Invasion with championships and they came into this match with everything they had. Rex McAllister and Terry Chambers got cheated out of victories. With Terry, it seems like his quest to recapture his championship isn’t done. Who knows when will the next time that Rex gets a shot at the EAW Championship. I thought a victory for either men would have been a great way for them to redeem themselves from their respective losses. I’m just excited to see what both these men do at Wicked Games. It seems like Terry will eventually get his rematch, but it’s up in the air for Rex. Still, Wicked Games is in November, so plenty of time to get things going. 

Show of the Week


Voltage takes the spot of Show of the Week. Right off the bat, we begin building for Wicked Games. We find out that Charlie Marr’s next title defense will be against Ms. Extreme in Barbed Wire Massacre III. :wow: Also, we saw the beef between Dr. Bethany Blue and Terry Chambers get more personal and it’s becoming one of my favorite rivalries in EAW at this moment. Not only did we get a few things going for Wicked Games, but we got another match set for Battle of Egypt as Ms. Extreme and Andrea Valentine will face Heavenly Hell. I’m obsessed with men the stories that are beginning to brew like with Jesse Barlow and that Hannah Marin chick. I’m very interested to see how things progress with that, but it would be a unique storyline in our hands. Continue to slay, Voltage.

Match of the Week

Charlie Marr vs. Dr. Bethany Blue

Even though this match didn’t have a clear winner, but I thought it was an excellent match. I loved seeing Bethany Blue and Charlie Marr interact in this match. I knew that Charlie was going to have no time for the doctor’s bullshit and it made this match so entertaining for me. I thought Bethany looked fantastic and really proved that she could hang with Charlie in the ring.  I thought Charlie proved to be amazing for himself, but not sure if the count out victory is going to impress Mr. DEDEDE. :lupe: I thought this was an entertaining match and I thought it put the spotlight on these two competitors and justified the reasons why Voltage is home to some of the amazing talent on the brand. 

Promoer of the Week


Mr. DEDEDE only posted one promo against Lucas Johnson and it was amazing.  :wow: Seriously, after coming out a controversial win over The Visual Prophet, I wasn’t sure how hen he was going to compete next, but his match was nothing more than an example that no man or woman can outshine and outperform Gawd. Other than that, it seems like nothing from the Showdown side will brew with DEDEDE, but he will have his hands full with Charlie Marr at Battle of Egypt. The match will be a classic for sure and it’s a match that I am looking forward too. If there is going to be someone that could push Charlie to be his best, it has to be the Answers World Champion. There is no one like Mr. DEDEDE; however, Charlie is becoming a threat of his own. 

Champion of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue 

In the Champion versus Champion Match on Voltage, it was Dr. Bethany Blue who stood tall in the end. She may not have gotten the victory that she wanted, but it seemed like Charlie Marr just wanted to save himself from another loss against a woman. But, if I was in the ring against Bethany Blue, I would be scared of her as well. She is nothing to mess with. She will tranquillize you and kick your ass afterward. Her victory may have not been the ideal victory that she desired, but I believe she proved her point that she could hang with the EAW Champion. Bethany almost hanged with Charlie in the ring look effortless and I’m excited to see the continuation with her feud against Terry Chambers. It was a feud I never knew I needed, but I need it. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Drake King

Drake King takes the spot for Most Valuable Elitist. He may have come short in his aspirations to become World Heavyweight Champion at Territorial Invasion, but he looked fantastic in that match. He looked like he belonged in the world championship picture. I’m amazed at how he did in the match and it just proves that he will be champion one day. Perhaps in 2020? There’s also House of Glass and Road to Redemption, he could surprise us in one of those events, but Drake managed to step up from that loss by getting a victory over the New National Elite Champion, Lethal Consequences on Dynasty. I think that he’s in great shape at the moment and things can only get better from here. I’m excited to see how Drake wraps up 2019 for himself, but things will be ok I hope. 

Elitist of the Month (September 2019)

Most Valuable Elitist #198