Most Valuable Elitist #193

Rising Star of the Week

Aniyah Mitchell

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, we have newcomer Aniyah Mitchell take the spot of “Rising Star of the Week.” In last week’s episode of Voltage, she managed to defeat three other talents making their debut as well. She has been on the scene for such a short time, she’s managed to capture the attention of the EAW Universe. It’s probably for the way she talks, presents herself in and out of the ring, but there is something about her that engages me. Aniyah has the mentality that she is money and has the capabilities of being a top player on Voltage wherever she is placed on the show. I’m excited to see what she progresses from this victory. Nothing, but exciting things, I assume. 

Beef of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs. Ryan Wilson

The Visual Prophet reclaims his category of “Beef of the Week.” It has missed you so much, Viz. What an excellent way to get back in the running than having Ryan Wilson as an opponent? I thought these two brought the best out of each other last week. If there was someone that could push Ryan to post some of his best work, it had to be Viz. Viz justified his reasoning for going after Mr. DEDEDE and the Answers World Championship. I was excited to see these two go back-and-forth. It was a treat for sure and one of the matchups I didn’t think that we would get, but I was happy that we did. Regardless of the result, there is no shame that should be in either of these men. I thought both did fantastically, and it will be interesting to see how things progress for these two? Could we see another match? We’ll have to wait and see, but fantastic interaction this week. 

Show of the Week


Last week’s edition of Voltage was terrific, but it’s what I expect whenever I tune in for the show. I thought the opening segment really set the tone for the rest of the show. It got me hyped for Andrea versus Charlie later on the show. I love the sense of unity between Raven, Ms. Extreme, and Andrea. #QueensOnly. We also learned that it will be Rex McAllister that takes on Charlie at Territorial Invasion. Whenever these two interact with each other, it’s always fun and exciting. I’m also excited for Jesse Barlow versus Cepheus St. Claire. It’s still a joy to see Jesse get the shit beat out of him. 😀 I also love Veena Adams being knocked down a peg or two by Mr. DEDEDE. Also, why the fuck was Eric Havoc on Voltage? This is why StarrStan needs to stop ignoring him, omg. The New Breed build up was one of my favorites on this show. I love seeing Felix Hartley get back at Kai Zolomon for what he did on Showdown the night before. This had a ton of progression and built up. There was something that kept everyone to continue watching the show, and I loved that. 

Match of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava vs. Io Ishimori

For “Match of the Week,” we go to the Showdown brand where Cameron Ella Ava took on Io Ishimori. On the card, it may have looked like the match to pass, but this is one match that you needed to stay tuned and watch. I thought Io put on a fantastic performance and seeing her motivated going into this match was incredible. She made an impression for sure, but it was nice to see Cameron get some momentum going into Territorial Invasion. I can’t wait to see what is instore for Io. If there was anything that this match did for Io, it got people to notice her and what she is capable of in the ring. She has future champion written all over her, and if she continues on the right path, she will get to that destination. 

Promoer of the Week

Drake King

Drake King is our “Promoer of the Week.” I have loved seeing Drake evolved within the last year. He has become his own person and to see him put out the work he has is spectacular. I have noticed the effort Drake has put, and he has been one of my favorites to watch in the ring and promo wise. Being only in the company for a year and he’s already as good as he is. If he isn’t considered a GOAT right now, he will, and he’ll only continue to get better. I can’t wait to see what the plan is going for him at Territorial Invasion. After burying the hell out of Vic Venom, that should put him in line for a championship, right? If it doesn’t, then I am not sure what will. 

Champion of the Week

Terry Chambers

Terry Chambers takes this spot after capturing a victory over Ms. Extreme. Terry got a fantastic win over Raven Roberts the previous week and now a former champion in Ms. Extreme. These are two credible wins, and it would be a shame to see Terry lose steam. However, it seems like there is nothing that is going to stop him. Dr. Bethany Blue is going to need to look out for Terry because he is not playing games whatsoever and that should scare anyone that faces him in the ring. This is a focused Terry Chambers, and he will do anything to keep that Interwire Championship in his possession. His opponent is pretty terrifying as well, but I think that Terry will be able to handle whatever this doctor throws at him.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Andrea Valentine

Look, we are going to ignore the bullshit that happened after Andrea Valentine’s win, alright? Despite Veena Adams trying to take this moment away from Andrea, we witnessed that Charlie Marr can be defeated when it matters. For a woman that is supposed to be inferior to Charlie, Andrea did fantastic in her match, and it sucks that she got screwed over in the end. Andrea is continually killing it as Specialists Champion. I’m wondering who will be able to stop her. I think that she’s going to shine at War Games. When Andrea really wants something, she will do anything to get the victory.  In a way, that is what is going to make her scary with the competition in the match. I’m wondering who will be next in line for her championship after War Games or if she’ll get a defense before, but I can’t see her reign ending anytime soon.

Showdown 8/31/19

Voltage 9/1/2019