Most Valuable Elitist #192

Operation: Doomsday Edition!

Rising Star of the Week

Archimedes J. Manson

To introduce this week’s Most Valuable Elitist, we give Archimedes J. Manson takes the spot of Rising Star of the Week. At Operation: Doomsday, Archimedes faced six other men and women in an elimination match and ended up winning the entire thing. No doubt he is one of my favorite upstarting Elitists. From being one of the first man eliminated during the 24/7 Battle Royal at Pain for Pride to achieving this moment, this is something well-deserved. I have loved his progression over the past few months, and I believe he is going to bring something unique to the table with his future championship match. Archimedes is wacky, but he gets the job done, which is the perfect balance for me. 

Beef of the Week

TLA vs. Darkane

Every match at Operation: Doomsday went hard when it came to promos. I was utterly divided on which feud to pick. I thought the title pictures were terrific, Imp vs. LC, Kass vs. Serena, Jack vs. Jake were fucking amazing and props to them for those promos. They made this job so difficult. There was something about Darkane and TLA that won me over. From the go-to, this feud started in a crazy note, and I had the impression that is what the match was going to be. I loved seeing these two different personalities exchange and wasn’t sure if we were going to see TLA get revenge for his Poon or if Darkane was going to beat the living hell out of TLA. From how things turned out at Operation: Doomsday, is this the end for the two of them? I’m hoping we get some answers to that.

Show of the Week

Operation: Doomsday

Operation: Doomsday stole this entire weekend. I thought this event was terrific. It left me optimistic about what Dynasty will look like this season. The potential is out of the world with this brand. There is so many different and colorful talent that it’s going to be challenging to choose one favorite from the brand. Matches such as the Winner Take All Final with El Landerson, Eric Havoc, and Provençal to the main event with Impact and Lethal Consequences left the crowd wanting more. It left me curious to see where Lethal Consequences will go after this loss.  How the three men in the Winner Take All Finale will move on from this whole matter. Where does Serena Bennett go after losing to Kassidy Heart? Where does Kassidy go from here? Who will challenge Impact now? Is Vic Venom really dead? What did Osamu Arcichida do for a majority of his match? I thought this was perfect even to leave me excited for Territorial Invasion. With the variety of Elitists of this show, they are going to keep the crowd engaged continuously for what this brand has to offer. 

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs. Serena Bennett

For Match of the Week, I thought Impact vs. Lethal Consequences and Kassidy Heart vs. Serena Bennett were terrific. I thought Kassidy vs. Serena was a contender for Match of the Year. The build-up for the match was spectacular, and the match left us wanting more. I thought the match exceeded all the expectations. With two women as wonderful as Kassidy and Serena, I could not see how anyone could mess it up. That match elevated the prestige of the Universal Women’s Championship, and every other Women’s Championship match is going to have to exceed that? Is that even possible? If these are the matches that Kassidy is going to be putting as champion, then she is going to have a memorable title reign. For Serena, there’s no doubt that she’ll get to championship glory one day, but I’m wondering to see how her character moves on from that. 

Promoer of the Week

See MVE.

Champion of the Week

Jack Ripley

Jack Ripley takes this spot as Champion of the Week. I thought he had a great title defense. He managed to make his opponent look like a million bucks out there. Jack brought out the best in Jake Smith and proved to be a fighting champion. I thought Jake looked amazing in defeat, but Jack showed why he is the man to beat on Dynasty. He is someone that everyone needs to be taking seriously, and the way that he was able to pull off this title defense is fantastic. Heading towards Territorial Invasion, I am curious to see which contender arises and challenges him for the title. Not sure if I can see Jack getting dethroned anytime soon, but more surprising things have happened in EAW. 

Most Valuable Elitist 


Impact takes the honors of Most Valuable Elitist. He successfully retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Lethal Consequences. Impact is the reason why LC cannot pursue the World Championship for as long as Impact is champion. People can play on the fact that HRDO may not have been a partial official towards the end of the match, but Impact still managed to get the job done. Others could argue that LC made HRDO do what he did. Impact is still champion and moves onto Territorial Invasion. There are few contenders I could see taking Impact on like: Drake King, Darkane and TLA.  I’m interested to see how this match gets build up and how he approaches this next match. Impact had a great week, put out some fire promos, and retained his championship. Nothing more that he could have ask for. 

Showdown 8/24/19

Voltage 8/25/2019