Most Valuable Elitist #191

Bloodsport Edition!

Rising Star of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue

To begin this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Dr. Bethany Blue walks away with Rising Star of the Week. At Bloodsport, the Doc managed to walk away with the very first briefcase with an ultimate opportunity barbed wire ladder match. The moment she debuted, Bethany has been on a roll with racking up the victories all while making sure that Voltage roster is healthy as possible. Her only loss (as I can recall) was in a tag team match, but things going well for her at Bloodsport makes that match be in the past for her. I can’t wait to see what her ultimate opportunity is. With Territorial Invasion around the corner, I’m hoping that it’s something good. Is it a title shot? A the moment, things seem unclear, but I’m hoping that Voltage provides us with the answers that we need! Congrats, Bethany! Also, congrats to Kai for winning the second briefcase! 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage stole last weekend with Bloodsport. This FPV was everything that we could have asked for and more. Every match on the card was terrific from the Thumbtacks and Glass Match with Felix Hartley to Cepheus St. Clare to the Hardcore Ironman Match with Rex McAllister and Ms. Extreme. You could randomly pick a match to watch, and you would love it. However, I do suggest that you watch the entire show. If you are someone who loves blood and death, this is the show for you, and it was something that you were invested in with the first match to the last one. I’m a sucker for storyline progression, and I felt like we got that from Cepheus and Lonnie putting the hit back on against Jesse Barlow to the things that transpired in the main event – which I will talk about in a bit. But, fantastic job to everyone involved in this show. You all killed yourselves and each other to put on a fantastic show and it was well-received. 

Match of the Week

Malcolm Jones vs. Charlie Marr

Match of the Week was a challenge for me. I thought every match on the card delivered. I had to rewatch some of these matches again, but everything in the main event between EAW Champion Malcolm Jones and challenger Charlie Marr is probably the one that people are still talking about a week after. Both men brought a hell of a fight to each other. There was almost every soul in that arena who wanted Malcolm to retain and conquer Charlie. We didn’t get that ending, and that’s what left fans so angry in the end. The idea of Veena Adams getting herself involved as an official and being the reason why Charlie is EAW Champion gets my blood boiling thinking about it. The post-match was crazy in itself with Malcolm beating the holy hell out of Veena and getting himself fired. I still cannot believe that Malcolm is fired. Who saw that coming? If there is a day that Malcolm returns (he most likely will), he is going to make Veena’s life a living hell, and I am going to love every moment of that. 

Promoer of the Week

Felix Hartley

This category was difficult to decide for as well. We saw fantastic work from everyone, but Felix Hartley proved why she was the New Breed Champion. She went up against another great contender at Cepheus St. Claire (who had his share of beautiful work as well). She showed no signs of slowing down and losing that title anytime soon. I’m very interested to see where her reign goes next. I’m assuming that she will go up against someone from Dynasty since she’s already done Showdown and Voltage. No matter what, I can see Felix reigning for a bit longer, and I got no issues with that at all. I enjoy watching her promos, and I think that she has been a fresh breath of air with the New Breeds. Whoever goes up against her is going to be up for a challenge. You are going to be going up against the best and whoever faces her is going to need to be ready for that. 

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

The Specialists Champion is our Champion of the Week. I thought Andrea Valentine’s latest title defense was the most challenging match that she has participated in, and it showed out there. Katheryn Wicked looked like a demon out there and gave Andrea the challenge that she needed in that match. Seeing Andrea dig deep and use anything to retain her championship was terrific. Just like Felix, Andrea is showing no signs of slowing down. She’s not going to drop the title anytime soon.  This Flaming Weapons Match was one of the matches that stole the show for me. It brought a new side to Andrea, which I like, and if the next title matches in her defense are going to be as brutal as this match, I am more than ready for it. Andrea has proven that she is capable of pulling that darker side of herself to retain. I can’t wait to see who she defends this championship next? It’s either someone from Dynasty or Showdown, but I can’t wait to see who it is.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Charlie Marr

Congratulations to the NEW EAW Champion Charlie Marr. Charlie pulled off a big upset at Bloodsport. People have said that Charlie is a future World Champion, but I don’t believe many people expected that to happen last weekend. Many factors could have pissed off people. From Jordie getting involved to Veena stepping in as the official. Veena’s involvement is one of the reasons that Charlie won. If Charlie wants to justify himself as the champion, he should have a challenge ahead of him at Territorial Invasion. I’m curious to see who will be the first challenger to step up to the plate. I’m interested to see how Charlie also approaches Veena’s list. Could there be a potential match right there? It’s exciting to see how Charlie approaches this reign. I’m wondering if Veena will be a constant factor in making sure that Charlie stays as a champion for as long as he can? Either way, I can’t wait to see how Charlie on top of Voltage changes the landscape of the brand. Congrats, Charlie!

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