Most Valuable Elitist #190

Note: Probably when I post this, Bloodsport would have past, so please ignore the future tense stuff about Bloodsport. :lupe:  This was written around Friday night, but I wasn’t able to post it because life got in the way. I’m sorry, I’ll be better. :mjcry:


Rising Star of the Week

Katheryn Wicked

Katheryn Wicked is the Rising Star of the Week. Katheryn is someone who hasn’t had the best win record on Voltage, but she still manages to capture the attention of the EAW Universe with her demented ways. She’s managed to bring the ruthless attitude out of Consuela Rose Ava. She’s managed to capture the attention of Specialists Champion Andrea Valentine and got a victory over Paul Joshua on the latest episode of Voltage. She is an intimidating woman. After suffering a loss against Andrea, it seems like Katheryn is not looking to end things with Andrea right away.  Katheryn made herself the number one contender for the Specialists Championship.  She out to prove that the woman Andrea faced a few weeks ago isn’t compared to the monster that Katheryn is going to be at Bloodsport. I’m excited to see how she does in her first championship match, but I feel like everyone is going to know the name Katheryn Wicked after this event. 

Beef of the Week

Mark Michaels vs. Chris Elite

This match was one of the most exciting feuds that I’ve seen in a while. These two Elitists don’t like one another. Both men love to hear the sound of their voices and were not going to give up without a fight. The idea that these two managed to get out four promos combined the night before their match was terrific. Chris may have looked at Mark as a waste of time, but I loved seeing the two of them clash. Not sure if we’ll be getting this match again anytime soon, but it seems like he made an enemy out of Mark more than before. I don’t think Mark is going to be letting go of this loss. He is going to use this loss to fuel him and make him more ruthless. It was just a fun match to witness, and seeing both of these dynamics in the ring was something I never thought I would see. 

Show of the Week


Voltage takes this spot as Show of the Week. For the go-home show before Bloodsport, I think this show did everything that it needed to do. It got me excited about Bloodsport. I’m excited for the main event between Malcolm Jones and Charlie Marr. I can’t help by looking at this match and feeling that this fucks over Charlie by eliminating Jordie from being a factor, but to think that Charlie is going into this match without some plan? It’s going to be interesting how he approaches this entire match. I loved the promo cut by Cepheus St. Claire on Felix Hartley. I had been waiting for these two to have some interaction, but I loved Cepheus and Lonnie Delmonty being showed by thumbtacks and glass. The Terry Chambers and Korey Gaines feud has been exciting as well. I want to see these two beat the hell out of one another. I’m wondering if Amura could be some factor in this title match, but she could be Korey’s downfall. Even the situation with Consuela Rose Ava and Jesse Barlow has been very personal. It’s been something that you want to look away from, but you can’t at the same time. The same reasoning is with Andrea Valentine and Katheryn Wicked. These two may have no clashed much, but their match is going to be something to remember. This go-home show had its twist, turns and heartbreak, but I’m more than ready for Bloodsport. 

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Lance Blackfyre

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Lance Blackfyre takes the spot for Match of the Week. I had no clue how DEDEDE was going to get out of this match. Lance is a freak of nature that shouldn’t exist at all. Lance looked great for a significant part of the match. In defeat, Lance still looked terrific. I thought it displayed how much of a force he is. I am surprised that DEDEDE didn’t die in this match. It probably would have made Kassidy Heart a widow, and she would be free. However, it was nice to see DEDEDE make a comeback and put Lance away. He nearly had to break his body to put Lance away, but DEDEDE managed to get the job done, but he survived. He survived Lance Blackfyre, and Lance can walk away from this match and state that. I would not mind seeing this match again, but Lance proved in that match that he could hang with the best. 

Promoer of the Week

Chris Elite

Surprisingly enough (not really), Chris Elite manages to take this spot as our Promoer of the Week. I thought he had a pretty good week going up against Mark Michaels. It was fun to watch him tear Mark apart and prove that he was the better competitor in their match. When he puts his mind to it, he can dish out some fantastic work. I think there’s way more to him than just “ethering” people or whatever the term is. When he is put up against firey competitors, we see his best work come to life. We’ve seen that when he’s put up against the likes of Malcolm Jones, The Visual Prophet, and Ahren Fournier. He’s never needed this award for validation, but here it is. Keep up the excellent work!

Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

As we shift our attention towards Dynasty, not many people were talking about the main event between Impact and Serena Bennett. People were talking about what concluded this edition of Dynasty. It was Kassidy Heart bringing the war to Serena Bennett. I was not expecting for Kassidy to bring that aggression out, but she proved why she is the Queen of the Ultraviolent and Universal Women’s Champion. Poor Serena got hit with a steel chair, and her fingers stapled. If you weren’t afraid of Kassidy now, you should be after watching what happened on Dynasty. Kassidy is not playing games at all. She showed that she is going to pull all the stops to retain her championship. I’m interested to see how this match goes down. If I don’t see that staple gun apart of the match, I am going to be disappointed. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Noah Reigner

To conclude this Most Valuable Elitist, Noah Reigner takes this spot after defeating the number one contender for the EAW Championship, Charlie Marr. The idea that Noah managed to take his mind off of what occurred with his father and his heart attack to focus on defeating Charlie is spectacular. I don’t understand how anyone focuses after learning that tragic news. It sucks that he needed to pull himself out of the Bloodsport card, but I hope that we see Noah ready when approaching Territorial Invasion. There’s no doubt that Noah is going to find himself back in the World Championship picture. There should not be questions or concerns on whether Noah is going to bounce back from all of this. He’s a fantastic wrestler. I can’t wait to see what things are in store for him post-Bloodsport. It’s been a rough run for him this season so far, but hopefully, as soon as Bloodsport is done, Noah can get things going for himself again. 

Bloodsport (2019)

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