Most Valuable Elitist #189

Rising Star of the Week

Jenny Cien

For such a short period, Jenny Cien has captured the attention of the EAW Universe with her fierce and aggressive demeanor. She managed to pick up the victory against Kristen Myers on Voltage. She found herself making her Showdown debut at Midsummer Massacre against Carlos Cruz, and it was in her hometown as well. With all of that pressure, she handled it just fine as she was able to get the victory. Already, she is shaping up to be a star. I think that she is going to take Showdown by storm. I think she’s someone that sticks out from the pack. With the roster being quite stacked, it could be difficult for people to go underneath the radar, but that doesn’t seem to be the plan for Jenny. I interested to see more about her, her story, and how she develops in the Land of Elite. I can see her being one of the breaks out stars if she manages to stick around.

Beef of the Week

Mark Michaels vs. Ryan Wilson

Hands down, one of the most impressive showings of Midsummer Massacre and possibly, the entire week. Both Ryan Wilson and PURE Champion Mark Michaels believed a battle for the ages. Neither of these two men made things easier for the other when going into this word battle. When it comes to showing out and showing everyone else how things are done, it elevated this match, and I’m happy to see that the PURE Championship is still being lived up to that standard. I thought this was a great first title defense for Mark because there’s no other opponent to go all out and make you earn this title retention than Ryan. The loss may sting, but the efforts and hard work from both of these men did not go unnoticed. I could only expect big things for both of them. If Mark and Ryan continue to go all out, show that they’re reliable and be the best they can be, there’s no way that they’ll overlook all of that. 

Show of the Week

Midsummer Massacre

As the first FPV of the season, I thought this exceeded expectations. There was not one thing about this show that I didn’t like. I thought the show flowed very well. It had its comedic moments such as that Ahren/Chris segment, Harlow Reichert finding out what her unique opportunity was and Gavin Kirkland just stealing the show every time. I thought it had terrific matches such as Chris/Viz (which ended in an explosion), Felix/Amber (which had titties) and DDD/Ahren, which had a fantastic counter in the end. I thought it had some incredible storyline progression like the Xander/Myles post-match betrayal and questions if Harlow will even use that coupon. It seemed like everyone on that show had a role. The show did not drag whatsoever, which is something that I’m always concerned about. For it being nine matches, I thought it was going to have an endless feeling, and that did not happen at all. I thought this was a great show and it set the bar for events like Bloodsport and Operation: Doomsday to follow. After all of that, we move forward to Territorial Invasion. 

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Ahren Fournier 

For Match of the Week, there were a few matches on this card that I could have gone along with, but Mr. DEDEDE versus Ahren Fournier was a fantastic match. Even though I would have liked for this match to have a bit more build, I thought the title defense was excellent. It did a great job with panting Ahren as a legit competitor to the Answers World Championship. We all know that Ahren is fantastic and having him as the first challenger in Mr. DEDEDE’s reign, it makes you wonder who else are we going to expect to face him for the title. Despite in loss, I thought Ahren looked brilliant. I’m interested to see if that interaction with Chris Elite earlier in the night will progress into something. Excited to see where Mr. DEDEDE goes from here. 

Promoer of the Week

Harlow Reichert

Harlow Reichert takes this spot as Promoer of the Week. Not only did she outlast seven competitors to win her match, but she was in the position of the unique opportunity. I thought we were going to figure out what this opportunity was on Showdown, but to find this out earlier in the night was unexpectedly hilarious. To see all of this hype for this opportunity, I kept wondering if it was going to be something unexpected. But, for it to be a coupon? If I were Harlow, I would be pissed. She went through all that effort for a coupon. If she goes along with that dinner, I’m excited to see what is going to come of it. I loved her promos this week and was rooting for her to win this match. I was wondering how she was going to get past Lance Blackfyre, but I’m glad that she did. She’s deserving of this victory. 

Champion of the Week

Felix Hartley

Felix Hartley is our Champion of the Week. For her first title defense, it ended up being one of the most unique matches on the card. A barbed-wire bra and panties match for the New Breed Championship. I never considered the thought of a bra and panties match happening in 2019. Women’s wrestling is booming, and this stipulation could have been something that took women ten years back. But, Felix and Amber made it work. It was really attention-grabbing. For a first title defense for Felix, I thought it was perfect for her. It showed that Felix can be brutal. I thought it showed that she was more than a pretty face. This woman is still undefeated in singles matches, and there is nothing that can stop her. I’m hyped to see where this title reign goes for her. She’s one of the more fascinating people on Showdown for me. 

Most Valuable Elitist


I’m only putting Mr. DEDEDE as Most Valuable Elitist, so I don’t lose my job (I’m kidding. I’m not. I’m joking. I’m not). But, not only did Mr. DEDEDE fight in the Match of the Week, but he retained his championship in the most fantastic way possible. To see him counter the curb stomp into a spear is still something that I’m trying to process in my mind. But, it was a terrific way to end the match and retain the title. I’m curious to see who he is defending the title too at Territorial Invasion. I’m wondering if this “secret admirer” thing on Showdown has anything to do about it. But, it could also be that he has a legit secret admirer, which will be interesting as well. I’m excited to see where his path goes when approaching Territorial Invasion. Congrats to DDD on the successful title defense! 

Vic Vendetta

Dynasty 8/2/2019