Most Valuable Elitist #188

Rising Star of the Week

Cepheus St. Claire

On the July 21 episode of Voltage, Cepheus St. Claire took on Kai Zolomon to determine the number one contender for Felix Hartley’s New Breed Championship at Bloodsport. Even though there was a little controversy with how Cepheus got the victory, he still moves on to challenge for the New Breed Championship. An opportunity as big as a championship match is perfect for getting Cepheus to the next level. I think people are going to like him/Felix a lot more than imagined. I’m just trying to visualize an interaction from these two, but I’m not able too at the moment. I see Cepheus’ personality, and Felix’s and that alone is going to make for a great back-and-forth battle. No one should deny, but Cepheus is a future goat. He has such a bright future no matter how this championship match goes for him. His efforts will go recognized. It’s just a matter of him needing to trust the process. People notice his talents. If he continues to put in the effort that he has and make an impression, he will get his championship this season. He’s too good, not to get his moment. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, I had to give it to Dynasty. It has been one of the shows that I have loved seeing flourish ever since the season premiere. The room of potential is out of this world. One of the few storylines that have kept me on the edge of the season revolves around the Universal Women’s Championship with Kassidy Heart and Serena Bennett. The amount of smack that these two have been talking about each other has been enough to hype up this match. I do believe this could be a WMOTY contender and these two have stolen the entire show these past couple weeks. Impact and Lethal Consequences has been terrific. It did need that extra touch to make this match mean something (even though it’s for the World Heavyweight Championship), but that added stipulation to if LC loses, he can’t challenge for the title as long as Impact is champion is a nice touch. The brewing feud between Fatal Destiny and Osamu Archichida was one I was not expecting, but it’s been interesting to keep in touch with this one. The beginning of the feud with TLA and Darkane was on I was not expecting. The personalities are different from one another, but it’s something that I cannot take my eyes off on. Even the little stuff such as El Landerson and Provencial back-and-forth has stolen the shown. Even Eric Havoc doing his thing has been amazing to watch, and it’s one of those things where you wonder where things are going to be headed. 

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs. Darcy May Morgan

As we continue on with Dynasty, Kassidy Heart and Darcy May Morgan not only take Beef of the Week but Match of the Week as well. We were not worthy of having such a tremendous match as the one we were fortunate to watch. With this match, it solidified Darcy was one of the best female rising talents this season so far. There is no denying that when given the opportunity, she is going to make the most out of it. I would love to see her get a championship opportunity. I would be interested to see her take on Kassidy or Andrea or any other champion this season. If these are the types of performances that we should be looking out for her, then she is going to be someone that we are going to keep an eye out for. As for Kassidy, we expect nothing less of her. But, it was lovely to see her go all out for this match. These two clashing was such a treat, and if they are given a bigger stage, this can steal the show. This match was competitive, fun, and it left the crowd wanting so much more. 

Promoer of the Week

Serena Bennett

For this week, in particular, picking a Promoer of the Week was pretty tough, but something was leaning me towards Serena Bennett. Once again, the former Universal Women’s World Champion shows what Kassidy Heart needs to expect to go into  Operation: Doomsday. Not only did we witness a fantastic main event with Kassidy taking on Darcy, but we saw Serena take on a new version of Remi Skyfire. This was one of the back-and-forths I was interested in seeing, but Serena was on fire the entire way. It seemed like she didn’t lose any steam and went as hard as she could. If Serena goes as hard as she went with this match and Kassidy goes as hard as she went in her’s, then this battle is going to be one for the ages. Serena is going to be a tough challenge for Kassidy. It’s almost evil that they’re giving her Serena, but at least, the match will be fire. 

Champion of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

Kassidy Heart takes this spot as Most Valuable Elitist. If I probably wanted to, Kassidy would likely have dominated this MVE, but might as well give her MVE? I thought Kassidy was on fire and I thought she put out fantastic work, had an excellent match and gave everyone a reason why she’s the champion. Everything about her has been on point, and she’s become one of the most engaging things about EAW at the moment with the captive situation with Mr. DEDEDE (Kass, blink twice if you need help). For me, I hope that Kassidy gets a solid title reign and a chance to prove that she can be one of the faces of EAW. I think if there is anyone who can propel that championship to new heights, it would have to be her. I’m just glad that all of her work seems to be paying off at the moment and I’m just waiting to see what she does next with her reign and captive situation (even though it hasn’t been addressed much in the script). This is all fascinating to me. 

Note: Apologies for not getting this MVE out last week, but with writing two matches Midsummer Massacre, being booked with three different characters (and being slow as fuck with writing lately) and having my own personal life to deal with (omg, I actually have a life), I had this in the back burner. Normally, I would just skip this MVE, but I had already begun it and it had some solid things that needed to be mentioned. Might as well finish it? I’m going to have an MSM edition of MVE later in the week, but get hyped for Bloodsport next week (next week right?)!!

Voltage 7/28/2019