Most Valuable Elitist #187

Rising Star of the Week

Kai Zolomon

For Rising Star of the Week, Kai Zolomon takes this spot after a victory over Shortfuse PAKA, similar to how his opponent this week earned this same category. Looking ahead to this week’s edition of Voltage, he finds himself in a good position as he challengers Cepheus St. Claire is a number one contender’s match for the New Breed Championship. Sure, Kai’s record may not be the best, but he has all the time in the world to improve in that area. A victory this week would be amazing for him and give him the boost that he needs. But, he is not going up against an easy opponent. Kai is going to have his work cut out for him. I wish him all the luck in the world, and I hope that he kills it this week. 

Beef of the Week

Terry Chambers vs. Noah Reigner

Noah Reigner versus the Interwire Champion Terry Chambers takes this MVE’s spot for Beef of the Week. There were quite a few matches this week that could have filled this position, but I was more gravitated towards this match. I thought both men were fantastic. I loved seeing Terry square up against the former World Heavyweight Champion. For Noah, I knew that he was going to give Terry a good back-and-forth. This match was a clash I was not expecting so soon, but I thought both men embraced this match and made the most out of it. People need to stop sleeping on Terry. He is excellent, and I feel like that doesn’t get as said. For Noah, he already knows how great he is. He doesn’t need that extra validation. I enjoyed seeing this war of words from myself. I thought both men looked great when the match was all said and done. I can’t wait to see where both men go next. 

Show of the Week


I’m upset because all of these shows are queens in their way (shout out to Viz and DD on their superb shows). Like last week, all these shows had their moments, where it stuck out. I had been looking back on these shows for the past few days. I loved the storyline progression that we got from Voltage. There is nothing that I love in this world other than storyline progression (other than legit build up). I felt like we got exactly that on the latest episode of Voltage. There were a couple of matches even announced for Bloodsport — Rex McAllister versus Ms. Extreme; Raven Roberts versus Theron Nikolas; and Consuela Rose Ava versus Jesse Barlow. I loved the segments with Veena Adams and Charlie Marr. I love that it established the threat the women would be facing. I think that Charlie is the perfect foil for women like Raven, Andrea, Camille, and Consuela.  Charlie is someone that sees Veena’s vision.

Also, the question I’m wondering is if we’re going to be seeing Theron’s bitch ass on Voltage? Like, it’s been 84 years, and we’ve been waiting patiently for that. From looking back on this show, I thought each match served its purpose. I thought it did a great job of building up the newer talents while protecting talents in order to make them seem credible going into Bloodsport. The final segment with Malcolm Jones and Jordie Ripley was terrific. I was not expecting Charlie to make an appearance by attacking Malcolm. But the Bora Bora segment was labeled “earlier this week” and it never specified how early it was. Voltage was a fun show to look back on and try to predict where things are going to head next.

Match of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs. Myles

It was either going to be TLA versus Drake, Noah versus Terry or Jamie vs. Myles, but Jamie/Myles happened to be one of the matchups that I have wanted to see for a while. I thought this match did a great job of displaying Myles and his full potential going up against someone as experienced and established as Jamie. Even though Myles would be considered a rookie in the eyes of many people, but I thought he looked great. There is no doubt that the future is bright for Myles. Like was stated, this will most likely not be the last encounter between the two of them. This match will only make Myles into a stronger competitor, and I’m excited at the possibility of this match happening again. It was one of the few clashes this week that lived up to the expectations. I’m interested to see how this storyline progresses with the two of them, Xander and Cameron. I’m hoping for something to go down real soon.

Promoer of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist

Noah Reigner

As we shift our attention back to Terry Chambers versus Noah Reigner, Noah takes this week’s spot as the Most Valuable Elitist. Getting a victory over the current Interwire Champion puts the former World Heavyweight Champion in the right direction. I’m quite interested to see Noah adjust to life outside of being a World Champion. It’s something that he has done at some point. It may have been his Season 13 debut, but I’m hoping that Noah will get some progression for himself within the next few weeks. I don’t see Bloodsport happening without him on the card. I would have thought the victory over Terry would put him in line for a shot at the Interwire Championship, but does he even want the title? Even with that, it seems like that match is booked already due to the actions of this week. Even with this tag team match this week, things don’t look to cleary for him. I’m hoping we get answers to where things are progressing for him. He’s one of the people to be on a lookout on the Voltage brand. 

Voltage 7/14/2019

Dynasty 7/19/2019