Most Valuable Elitist #183

Rising Star of the Week

Adam Graves

Showdown hosted its last qualifying match for the Cash in the Vault Match at Pain for Pride. The three men consisted of The Revenant, Cody Marshall and Adam Graves. In the end, it was Adam who walked away with the victory. He joins Damon Diesel in representing Showdown at Pain for Pride! To me, he seems like one of the most intimidating people in this match! If there is a man, who has had a pretty great start to his career, it would be this guy. With competition such as Raven Roberts, The Visual Prophet and Charlie Marr into the match, I am very excited to see how Adam does with the other competition. This would be the perfect platform for him to elevate himself to new heights.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Showdown manages to walk away with Show of the Week. For this episode, I loved the set up for Showdown’s side when it comes to Pain for Pride matches! I loved the interactions with SOSA Henderson and Felix Hartley! From Felix trying to seduce SOSA to SOSA basically turning her down and Felix wanting a shot at his New Breed Championship in response to her finally stopping her advances. I loved the set up between Ahren Fouriner and Kassidy Heart at Pain for Pride! After Ahren pissing on Kassidy’s grandmother’s tombstone, I was wondering if Kassidy was going to do something in retaliation. I would have joked about bring Jennipurr into the matter, but to see that actually happen was hilarious to me and a nice touch. I’m really excited for this deathmatch! I really loved the storyline progression between Malcolm Jones and Chris Elite. From last year, I had no idea how personal and intense things could get, but to make their match a Three Stages of Hell Match? I’m curious to see what these stages are, but this (just like every other match at Pain for Pride) is a going to me Match of the Year worthy for sure! I just loved how everything went together and all of that as well as Drake King vs. Terry Chambers looks fantastic! A lot of the matches from this side are going to steal the show for sure!

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Darkane

This was one of the clashes that I had been wanting to see for a while. There was a part of me that just wanted Darkane to beat the living hell out of Mr. DEDEDE. I mean, wasn’t Mr. DEDEDE one of the reasons why Darkane missed a couple months of action? For me, this was an ass beating that should have happened a long time ago. Also, you add Jamie O’Hara and Theron Nikolas looking at this match ringside, and it just make things a lot more interesting. I knew with all of these men around the same area, madness was going to occur. Mr. DEDEDE could do whatever the hell he wanted into the match because he can fire the official if he wanted too. :lupe: Poor ref died in the end anyway. :mjcry: I’m not sure if this match ended up being a no contest or if ever ended since the official is kinda dead. But the sight of Darkane raising the Answers World Championship up is a vision that we could be seeing at Pain for Pride. I just cannot wait to see all four of them clash in a few weeks!!

Promoer of the Week

Felix Hartley

Felix Hartley takes this week’s spot as Promoer of the Week. If there is anyone that you would love to punch you in the face, it would be Felix. Afterwards, you can thank her for that. But, she has turned out to be one of the most compelling women on the Empire brand. To Felix, she is the best on the brand and for being here in such a short period of time, she has made her presence known for a majority of the women on Empire and even some of the men outside in the other three brands. I loved her interactions with SOSA Henderson and the somewhat continuation with Serena Bennett (which I hope we resume one day), but to see Felix be through with Serena and go after her man’s title is an interesting twist. Felix is currently undefeated and it would be such an amazing way for Felix’s star to rise if she manages to capture the New Breed Championship. If there is a woman that the other brands should be fighting to have on their brand, it should be Felix. There is no stopping her.

Champion of the Week

Noah Reigner

World Heavyweight Champion Noah Reigner managed to get a victory over National Elite Champion Jack Ripley on the latest episode of Voltage. I thought it was a great clash between two of Voltage’s brightest stars, but it seems like he has found himself in some trouble approaching Pain for Pride.  No outside interference. You can only win by submission. Moves like the Rex Effect and Kill Shot are useless. But, the one thing that I will never be able to get over is NO. ROPE. BREAKS. Why don’t you just banned the stupid highlight on his hair as well? But, I feel like the most pressure is on Noah in this match. I don’t know. It seems like either we’re getting Super Noah or his title reign ends here. :lupe: But, I’m excited to see how he performs underneath this amount of pressure. Things doesn’t look good. He looks to be in trouble, but everyone in this match is going to need to put their game faces on.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Serena Bennett

In order to conclude this week’s edition of MVE, the Most Valuable Elitist award goes to Serena Bennett! Serena managed to defeat Kassidy Heart in what could have been called a Grand Rampage Winner versus Iconic Cup Winner match. I had been waiting to see her and Kassidy clash. I was expecting for Sienna Jade to stick her nose in this match, but to see Serena pull off this victory is impressive. Sure, you can look at the outside factors, but it was enough to knock a usually focused Kassidy off her game. Sienna may not be concerned about Serena. If there is anyone who could beat Serena and derail her momentum, it would be Sienna. Serena though has managed to wow and prove us all wrong. There is not going to be much of an issue to see how she performs when the pressure is on.

Fight Grid Full Match: Darcy May Morgan vs. Io Ishimori!

Empire 6/6/2019