Most Valuable Elitist #182

Rising Star of the Week

Vic Venom

From defeating the likes of Bowen Castillo, Martin Daniels and Archimedes J. Manson to defeating a former New Breed and Hardcore Champion, Cody Marshall, Vic Venom solidifies this week’s Rising Star of the Week. He is someone who was a bit under the radar on Fight Grid; however, Showdown was one of the first times that he was placed underneath the spotlight. Vic knew that he needed to do something that was going to be memorable. He managed to get a victory over Cody Marshall, but one of the things that had people talking was him calling out Malcom Jones to a match next week? This sounds insane right off the bat. I thought if Vic was going to get a match against a champion, it would have been Drake King. I am trying to remain as optimistic as possible, but Malcolm is in a whole other level than any opponent Vic has faced before. I’m really interested to see how he does in the match. But, he is going to have his work cut out for him. Good luck to him there! 

Beef of the Week

Jake Smith vs. Eric Havoc

 In order to conclude the rivalry that Jake Smith does not want to end, his beef with Eric Havoc takes the spot for Beef of the Week. I thought this was one of the more amusing feuds to follow on. Each time, these two got promos out with snaps of their fingers. It was just great to see the back-and-fourth exchange. I thought these two pushed each other — not sure if it was intentional or not, but I felt like the two of them found some sort of purpose in this little rivalry (or whatever you want to call it), but I thought things ended the way it should have. Jake got the victory. Eric moves on to a feud with Shane Gates. I loved that we got an ending to this, but also a new beginning as well. I love seeing the improvement with these two. Still a lot of improvement to go, but I am excited for what these two will get themselves into at Pain for Pride.

Show of the Week


Even though with the shocking development on Empire ( I cri), Voltage manages to take some of the attention away from that and become Show of the Week. The show began with Veena Adams ushering a new era with her as co-commissioner of Voltage. Veena vows to give anyone who has ever been fucked over by Captain Charisma a chance to prosper and that, for some reason, scares me. :lupe: But, if someone pushes Veena off a ladder during Cash in the Vault, I will love them fiveever. Only just one night of Veena’s era, she managed to turn a Coyote Nash vs. Martin Daniels match, have The Visual Prophet get himself involved in the match —I suppose that match ended as a No Contest or something. Viz has his match with KYOTO shortly after. It turns to No Disqualification, but it only takes a Kiss to the Head to end his opponent once and for all. :wow: 

If there is a man in this match so far, who could use Cash in the Vault for his own gain, it would be Viz. Another thing that I love we’re getting more of is the alliance between Korey Gaines and Farrell V. I personally, want to keep seeing them as a team. I think these two mesh well with each other and they could be a fantastic high-flying face team. Later in the show, Lethal Consequences got a mic and discussed why he got himself involved in the Rex McAllister/Viz match. One of the biggest reasons happened to be that Captain Charisma had it coming and their little issues were not over. I’m curious if we’re going to be getting LC vs. Captain Charisma, but the ending of Voltage made things a bit interesting. Almost like he’ll be having someone fight in his behalf. I also loved the Impact segment and us getting the idea of the power of the Gawd contract. Had some harsh words for his opponent at Pain for Pride, but what else is new? There was also a lovely return from Xavier Williams as he threw down the challenge for Cameron Ella Ava to face him at Pain for Pride. That was something that came out of nowhere, but I’m looking forward to hearing her response. Also, the fuckery in the main event. Impact, getting involved, Rex getting involved and LC brawling with him. If this doesn’t get you hyped for next week, not sure what will?

Match of the Week

Cage vs. Adam Graves

For Match of the Week, we go to the Showdown brand as Cage faced the newcomer, Adam Graves in the main event. It was fun to see these two ruthless people clashing. Both of them are hard-hitting and were not going to settle for a loss. Both of them brought everything to the table. I knew Adam was going to put up a great fight, but Cage probably had more aggressing in him, which gave him the edge in this match. Adam did a fantastic job with going toe-to-toe with a former EAW Champion, but Cage needed to get a victory from the controversial loss that he faced at Wrath of the Dragon. I am very curious to see what match Cage is in at Pain for Pride. I don’t see him getting in Chris Elite/ Malcolm Jones match, so it should be interesting where he goes. As for Adam, he has a pretty good shot at taking part of the Cash in the Vault match.

Promoer of the Week

Raven Roberts

Raven Roberts takes this spot as Promoer of the Week. I love that she was not holding back whatsoever. I love seeing her work and I love seeing her go after something that she really wants. Qualifying for the same match in which she was so close to winning last year was great, I just hope that she’ll be the winner this year. I know, she will use that as motivation to do so. She was amazing last year and she has grown so much since then. I cannot wait to see how she approaches the match this year. Just like last year, there is some pretty stacked competition. One of the names that stick out is a man that she will be facing on Empire this week, The Visual Prophet. The woman in me is rooting for Raven to win this match, but I am not going to deny some of her competition. I hope that Raven manages to win and become Women’s Champion. No BS on her part. 

Champion of the Week

Constance Blevins

Constance Blevins takes this week’s spot as Champion of the Week. On the latest episode of Empire, the newly crowned Empire Tag Team Champion took on the newly concerned Specialists Champion, Andrea Valentine. It seems like winning the title brought some new life into Constance, which I love. I’m glad that she was able to pick up the victory over Andrea and I hope that Constance is able to get herself on a roll as champion. I’m also curious to see how Heavenly Hell will be facing at Pain for Pride. If Empire is going to be cancelled in Season 13, it makes me wonder what happens to the titles? But, I’m hoping that we will get more answers to that. I could see either them just retiring the titles after one last defense at Pain for Pride or having the titles unified, but can titles be more unified? :lupe: Honestly, it should be quite interesting to see what happens to these titles, but I would hate for Heavenly Hell’s title reign to end when it’s not in their control. 

Most Valuable Elitist(s)

The Wildcards

The Unified Tag Team Champions are the Most Valuable Elitists. After the odd team of Xander Payne and Myles manages to retain the titles against The Legion, they set their sights to Pain for Pride, where they will face the FloBros. For me, I’m surprised that they even managed to make it past two title defenses so far. I would have thought that these two would have imploded, but I’m glad that they have been able to prove me wrong. I think their match at Payne for Pride featuring Myles (or is it Bro for Pride?) Will be one to steal the show. I think these four will bring the best out of each other. This is one event where you are going to need to lay everything on the line. I have loved seeing Xander and Myles grow over the past several months. They are deserving of holding these titles and I would hate to see their reign end, but these randomly put tag teams never last for some reason. :lupe: I’m rooting for Xander and Myles to continue proving more people wrong. They are amazing and talented. They have an amazing story and I cannot wait to see how this Pain for Pride build up progresses! 

Empire 5/30/2019

Dynasty 5/31/2019