Most Valuable Elitist #179

This is for post-Grand Rampage Week!

Rising Star of the Week


Minerva begins this MVE as the Rising Star of the Week! She defeated Celes Dumont in a Chairs Match on last week’s episode of Empire! Minerva has proven on occasions that she is a future champion on Empire. She delivers something different to the table that isn’t seen on Empire much and brings a completely different style to her matches that cannot be ignored. She has a great look, talented and has a bright future as long as she trusts the process in front of her and continues on this Empire run. She will be either a champion or win something like the Empress of Elite Tournament on Empire by the end of this year. I really love her style and believe that she will be a top player of the Empire brand within the next few weeks. We notice her. We notice her work and she is fantastic all around.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Honestly, whenever I read Voltage, I know it is going to be a treat to read. Within the first few lines of the episode, I was on the edge of my seat. Jackson Blayde and Jazmin Garcia talking about their loss at Grand Rampage was something to be expected, but the idea of of them bring a powerhouse into their group was a move I wasn’t expecting. Getting Oskar Wagner on their side would make them the strongest alliance on Empire. The potential match of The Wildcards vs. The Legion would be a solid match going into Fighting Spirit and a good first title defense for The Wildcards. I am interesting to see how this progresses over the next few weeks. One of the most interesting storylines to have developed over the past couple months was the never-ending saga between Daryl Kinkade and Charlie Marr. I always enjoy seeing these two interact with each other. These personalities could not be anymore different and that is what has made this feud enjoyable. Daryl laying out the challenger for a Barbed Wire Massacre II at Fighting Spirit is terrifying because I do believe this is going to be the match where he dies. :lupe: The other segment of the show involved Oskar Wagner and Cameron Church. Wasn’t expecting the connection between these two men, but I wonder if that will come to play at some point this year. But, Cameron was on point when he stated that Jackson Blayde can’t be trusted, so Oskar better not trust him. Before his match, Charlie Marr got a mic to talk about Daryl Kinkade. He can’t believe the crowd is siding with Daryl, but who wouldn’t? The most notable thing of this segment was Charlie agreeing to Daryl’s match request and the match is official! Another match was made official in this show as Noah Reigner taking on Jackson Blayde at Fighting Spirit! This is looking like a good card and I could not be anymore excited for it!

Match of the Week

Chris Elite and TLA vs. Jax Walker and Drake King

Showdown takes this spot for Beef of the Week. In the main event of last week’s Showdown, Chris Elite and TLA faced the Round Table’s Jax Walker and the Interwire Champion Drake King. For me, it was quite interesting to see how Chris and TLA approach this match since the two of them weren’t so successful at capturing the EAW Championship at Grand Rampage. I knew that the Round Table would be a little more unified in this match, but this match was insane and fantastic! I was surprised to see the return of Terry Chambers in this match, but just to see him take out The Revolution after they interfered in the match was everything to me! It was a feel good ending for the main event, which I loved. Babyfaces standing tall. Terry possibly going after the Interwire Championship could be interesting if that is the direction they are going with.

Promoer of the Week

Charlie Marr

Charlie Marr takes the spot as Promoer of the Week and he has been one of my favorite promoers for a while! This year alone, he has delivered some of his best work and I have been excited for his evolution to the man he is today! He managed to squash Denis Ryley on Voltage and possibly murdered the guy afterwards. But, what else is new in EAW? Someone is getting murdered every other week, but I think Charlie looks good going into Fighting Spirit. I think he proved with this altercation that he is more than prepared for whatever Daryl will dish out to him in a few weeks. If I were Daryl, I would be scared, but I am trying not my best to count out Daryl. He may surprise us in the match, but Charlie, try not to kill someone again, pls…unless, they deserve it.

Most Valuable Elitist

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister takes this spot as Most Valuable Elitist. For the Voltage main event, the former World Heavyweight Champion defeated the newly crowed Unified Tag Team Champion, Myles. I’m amazed to see Rex not be dead after the performance he gave out at Grand Rampage. I’m surprised that he was even standing enough let alone being put another match for the Voltage post-Grand Rampage, but Rex does not take any weeks off and that is admirable of him! Post match, we saw The Visual Prophet attacking Rex McAllister. To conclude the show, another match for Fighting Spirit was made and if Viz wins, Veena Adams becomes co-commissioner along with Matt Daniels. This match makes sense and I cannot wait to see the back-and-fourth with these two men. This is going to be one of the more competitive matches on the card and I am excited for it!

Note: I’m sorry for being a little late with this MVE, but I’ve been swamped with work, school and Empire. But, hoping my workload clears when school is out for the summer. ??

Dynasty 5/3/2019

Voltage 5/5/2019