Most Valuable Elitist #178.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Grand Rampage

Obviously, Grand Rampage was a spectacle that left the entire audience in awe. I thought there was a bunch of amazing moments like the new champions like: The Wildcards, SOSA Henderson and Malcolm Jones. For the first portion of the show, I was not expecting so many title changes, but the new champions earned their wins. The matches could have went any other way. For the second portion of the show, we saw more champions retaining their championships from Ms. Extreme to Theron Nikolas to Sienna Jade. Some of these matches provided great storyline progression, but also a few question marks about where these stories go on the road to Pain for Pride. I am curious to see the next challengers for Theron and Sienna. I’m also looking forward to where the story with Noah Reigner and Impact is headed. Obviously, Pain for Pride, but I wanna see how things will build up for the next few months. There was also the Women’s Grand Rampage Match, which I believed had some moments from The Visual Prophet’s entry into the match to Stephanie Matsuda and Astraea Jordan making their returns. There was also Kendra Shamez proving why she is still the GOAT. I was not surprised to see some of the fresh blood being the final two, but those two went hard in the match and was justified. 

Match of the Week

Men’s Grand Rampage

When deciding with Grand Rampage Match I wanted to give this spot, I kept going back in fourth between the Men’s and Women’s Grand Rampage Match, but there was something about the Men’s Grand Rampage Match that put it a little higher on my list. There was a bunch of moments you could pick from the match as a stand out moment. From the MarrKade alliance and turning on each other throughout the match to the returns of Xavier Williams and Diamond Cage to the rehash of the rivalry between Xavier Williams and Jamie O’Hara to even seeing Rex McAllister and Xavier clashing as well. There was also the moment where Drake King used the Interwire Championship was a helicopter propeller which was one of the spots of the match. I thought Charlie Marr breaking the elimination record was amazing and this will only be used to build him up even more.  I thought many of the men from Jamie, Rex, Charlie, Daryl, Darkane and many others went out for this match. I thought people got the showings that they deserve and regardless of the result, these people will find their place on the Pain for Pride stage.

Promoer of the Week


There was over 200 promos that were put out throughout the week. In comparison to last year, that is amazing. We got some amazing standouts like Serena, Felix, Andrea, Minerva, Harlow, Tyler and many more for the Women’s Grand Rampage. Rex, Jamie, Charlie, Daryl, Darkane, Mark, Drake and many others for the Men’s Grand Rampage. We saw our champions go out like Sienna, Noah, Theron and Ahren. We saw contenders like Raven, Shaker, The Revolution, The Wildcards, Kassidy, Malcolm, TLA and Chris rise to the occassion. I feel like I’m messing some more names and I’m sorry, if I forget about you, but I thought everything put out was amazing. I thought a lot of you stepped up and delivered some of your best work possible. Results may have not played in your favor, but the efforts were recognized. Keep the energy for Pain for Pride, okay? 

Champion of the Week

Theron Nikolas


Theron Nikolas defeated Cameron Ella Ava not only to retain the Answers World Championship, but to be our Champion of the Week. One of the few champions to retain his title at Grand Rampage, Theron now sets his sights at Pain for Pride. Sure, he has one more title defense before facing the winner of Grand Rampage (which will be announced in the next category) at Gateway to Glory, but things are looking great for Theron. Even thought there was a little controversy with how Theron retained his championship, but at least you can say that he didn’t need the Queen’s Court to back him up. It never crossed my mind that he would even need them, but it makes the entire match that Amber had to allow them to be ringside for his match completely pointless, but I’m excited to see what Theron’s next defense is. You can like or hate the guy, but you cannot stop yourself from seeing what he does next. 

Most Valuable Elitist(s)

Jamie O’Hara and Serena Bennett

I hate doing more than one individual Elitists as Most Valuable Elitist, but winning a Grand Rampage match is such a huge deal! Jamie O’Hara out last twenty-nine other men. Serena Bennett outlasted eighteen other women and The Visual Prophet. Both individuals entered at the earlier parts of the match. Jamie at number nine and Serena being the first woman in the match. Both of them getting in some eliminations and making their mark in this match. Both of them went hard that week in their respective Rampages. Both of them were huge favorites to win the match and exceeded any expectations people had for them. These two victories were well-earned and deserved. Both of them are amazing talents. Another amazing accomplishment to make up for how Cash in the Vault went for Jamie. But, another thing to add to the resume of someone as new as Serena. I was in awe of their performances the entire time. I cannot wait to see how these two talents perform at the Pain for Pride stage and the main event most importantly! 

Congratulations to Jamie and Serena! 

Grand Rampage (2019)

Empire 4/25/2019