Most Valuable Elitist #176

Rising Star of the Week

Felix Hartley

For Rising Star of the Week, Felix Hartley takes this spot! At this moment, Felix has been having an undefeated streak and been showing up at random parts of the show (which may or may not be seen next week :eyes:)! I think this is one of the most interesting women we have had on the show for a while and she does a great job at generating heat. I am excited to see how she does with bigger competition and in a championship picture. I want see more of what she is about in the ring; however, it works well for her since she may or may leave people with wanting more of her.. However, I have been quite impressed with what I am seeing so far! I think she has a bright future ahead of her!

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage takes this spot as “Show of the Week”. For the show after Tempest, there was a lot of questions in the air about everything that happened there. One of the biggest questions was about what happened in the Charlie Marr vs. Jack Ripley match. The eventually turned into Daryl Kinkade and Rex McAliister getting themselves involved. The biggest thing to come out of this segment is the three of the men have inserted themselves in the Men’s Grand Rampage Match. Another question that lingered in the air was why the Gold Rush Tournament got cancelled. I knew Veena Adams had something behind it, but I get the impression that this is all going to bite her in the ass in the end. The exchange between Xander Payne and Myles was exciting too. I have been looking forward to seeing this mismatched tag teams. I was surprised to see Noah Reigner and Jackson Blayde get along enough to win the match, but if they face Xander and Myles, it will be the case of which team turn on the other. There was also the Jack. Ripley interview, which was amazing character development for Jack. I thought it made him look out to be a legit human being, which is weird since a year ago he was kinda rude and stuff. As for the main event…

Match of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs. Malcolm Jones

Honestly, this match up dominated last week. It was probably one of the Beefs of the Year so far. I loved seeing these two different personalities just clashed, but these two stole this entire week. The Visual Prophet put on an amazing show and went hard like he always had. It was great to see Malcolm Jones go as hard as Viz. I thought both of them brought the best out of each other and this is defiantly a rematch I would love to see in the future. I thought this match lived up to everyone’s expectations. There wasn’t a match up that left me as invested as this one. I thought Viz looked fantastic in a loss. Malcolm redeemed himself after his match the week before ended in a no contest or something like that. This match deserved a bigger stage. For it to be on Voltage was a huge treat for anyone that watched the match. :wow:

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

The Jaded Hearts

For Champions of the Week, Jaded Hearts take this spot. These two add another successful title defense in the books after defeating Black Cabal. However, these two really stepped up to the plate and delivered some fantastic promos to everyone. I thought these two were ruthless and just proved why they are the champions in the very first place. I want to say that their title reign may be in trouble in the Fatal Four Way Match for the Unified Tag Team Championships at the Grand Rampage. This is going to be one of their more difficult title defenses to get through; however, I believe these two have the capabilities to pull this match off. It was a great title defense on Dynasty and I am excited to see how they do at Grand Rampage. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Serena Bennett

For Most Valuable Elitist, Serena Bennett this this spot after a successful title defense against Remi Skyfire in a Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the Specialists Championship. Serena has been on fire since the start of the New Year and I have been excited to see where Serena goes next. This is definitely a talent destined for great things. I look forward to her journey Pain for Pride season and curious to see which role she plays in this match. Serena is already ahead of some of her competitors and it’s gonna be quite interesting of what she will get herself into when facing Consuela next week!

Disclaimer: I wrote this about a day before Empire this week was posted, but was too busy to post it yesterday. Don’t judge me. :mjcry:

Empire 4/4/2019

Dynasty 4/5/2019