Most Valuable Elitist #174

Rising Star of the Week

Constance Blevins

In order to begin this MVE (I know, I’m behind, but I’m trying to get to them all :mjcry:), we start off with the Rising Star of the Week category, which belongs to Constance Blevins, who finally got rid of the monkey on her back when she defeated Layla Lockhart in quite dominating fashion. Constance is someone, who has waited patiently for her turn and has taken any opportunity to shine. The lord must be testing her in tons of occasions, but I feel that this victory was a step in the right direction and that she can be the single’s star that she desires; however, there may be bumps in the road, but Constance is hungry, determined and more than willing to take them head on. 

Beef of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs. Tyler Wolfe

Well, when it came to this certain week, was there any other beefs that came to par with this one? This was one of the most anticipated stories of the entire event. The build up was fantastic and to viewers, it was hyped up to be the match of the night, which certainly did live up to that expectation. Both Tyler Wolfe and The Visual Prophet knew that the other should not be taken lightly. Tyler had an entirely different approach going to this match than I originally thought. Having her open up about her own #MeToo moment must have been one of the most raw moments I have seen from her. The Visual Prophet did a fantastic job with his mind games and making sure that he left the crowd waiting for his karma, but never happened to show up. But, personally, I don’t think I am the only one, who is waiting for Tyler to destroy both The Visual Prophet and Veena Adams. I am aware that day will come. 😀

Show of the Week

Iconic Cup

For Show of the Week, this went to the Iconic Cup. From beginning to end, this show opened with a great contest between Fatal Destiny and The Crowe’s Nest. I thought both teams looked fantastic, but the Crowe’s are the champion for a reason and I had no doubt that they were going to retain. For the second match of the night was the five-star classic between Layla Lockhart and Constance Blevins. The commentary was on point for this match as both Gavin and CJ seemed like they couldn’t give a rat’s ass, but two shoves, a bitch slap and three punches is all you need to know about that match. The third match of the night consisted of the undefeated Sian Ryder taking on Raven Roberts in a Last Woman Standing Match. I didn’t have much expectations going into this match, but both these women brought everything to the table for this match. These two made it more personal than I thought it was going to get. I loved every moment of the match and to see Raven pull through was amazing. In the fourth match of the night, Serena Bennett versus Andrea Valentine in a Last Chance Match was an amazing match in itself. I knew that both women were going to put everything on the line to call themselves Specialists Champion. I did not expect for Stephon Hunte to get himself involved in the match, but the moment with him left me on the edge of the seat, but his murder was something I have been waiting for the past few months for and it did not disappoint whatsoever.  For the fifth match of the night, The Visual Prophet faced Tyler Wolfe for the New Breed Championship. I thought this match was amazed. It showed Tyler’s strength and determination. It showed Viz’ sneaky ways. However, it was in this match where I finally believed in Gawd as he blessed the Vanilla Goddess, Veena Adams the ability to walk. :blessed: I thought Tyler had him in the end, but Veena taking Tyler’s foot off he rope, so the official wouldn’t call off the victory was amazing and it gets Viz so much heat. For the sixth match of the night, Sienna Jade faced Cleopatra in the Women’s World Championship. I thought Cleopatra looked amazing and dominating. It showed everyone why she is the GOAT. At the same time, it gave a different element to Sienna, who would die if it meant that she would still be champion. I thought it told each of those stories well.

Match of the Week

Iconic Warfare Match

For Match of the Week, this goes to the Iconic Warfare Match. This match was contested in a Hell in a Cell Match as Karina-Ann, Kassidy Heart, Minerva and Remi Skyfire fought for a chance to become the holder of the Iconic Cup! This match was brutal as hell. All four of these woman put their bodies on the line for a chance to hold the Iconic Cup. As the match progressed, I thought any of these women had a clear shot at winning. All these women showed their strengths and there were moments of doubt with some of them; however, they continued to fight on and prove that they could eventually carry not only this brand, but this company as a whole. I hope that people were invested in this match and really were on the edge of their seats because I was by seeing the entire match front row.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Sienna Jade

Sienna Jade managed to retain the Women’s World Championship as she sets her sight to Grand Rampage and if she retains at Grand Rampage, she will go on to face the winner of at the Women’s Grand Rampage Match at Pain for Pride. Who faces Sienna at the Grand Rampage, if she is due to defend the title there? I could see it being any of the winners at the Iconic Cup. I could also see it being one of the Crowe’s, but Sienna has shown how much she cares about that Women’s Championship. She’s managed to defeat Cleopatra, so it makes me curious if she’ll turn her attention to someone like Amber Keys? Honestly, I am keen to see her next contender and I hope they make Sienna step up and for her to prove how much being champion means to her. However, I’ve been loving what I have been seeing from Sienna!

Most Valuable Elitist 

Kassidy Heart

Congratulations to the 2019 Iconic Cup Winner, Kassidy Heart! If you’re like me, you have been invested with her story since the day she walked through those EAW doors! Over time, she was seen as one of the more underutilized women in the roster, which is a shock since she can hang with any woman or man in this company, but this Iconic Cup is such an amazing accomplishment for her! She has the power in her possession to become Women’s World Champion. I know some of the fans in the crowd are waiting for the moment. We have been waiting for Kassidy to get a shining moment like this, but it’s all worth it. I cannot wait to see what happens to her going to Pain for Pride, but could she walk in as Women’s Champion? Could she come out as Women’s Champion? I’m just curious to see when she cashes in that cup! I’m just excited to see what she has in store for all of us next! 

Showdown 3/24/2019

Empire 3/28/2019