Most Valuable Elitist #173

Rising Star of the Week

SOSA Henderson

As the winner of the New Breed Gauntlet, SOSA Henderson takes this spot as the Rising Star of the Week. Defeating Damon Diesel, Shane Gates, Jax Walker and Justiciar Eric? Did he have an advantage of being the last man to enter the gauntlet? It can be argued, but there is no denying how impressive this victory is. To me, he should have been a huge favorite approaching this match and he did not disappoint whatsoever. Regardless if he were to have faced Tyler Wolfe or The Visual Prophet, it was going to be an amazing match, but SOSA as the number one contender for the New Breed Championship? We can be seeing another rising star getting a championship reign!

Beef of the Week

Jack Haze vs. Ahren Fournier

Just with the exchange that these two had that week, I was more than excited for this match. I had no idea what to expect from Jack going into this match. I knew that Ahren was going to be his shit talking self, but with Jack, I was quite curious to see how he was going to maintain this calm attitude that I’ve been enjoying. At times, I probably would have wanted to slap the shit outta Ahren, but I enjoyed seeing these two interact. Regardless of the result, if Jack manages to stay around for the long haul, I can see him being a future champion in EAW. As for Ahren, stop being so r00de. But seriously, Jack gave Ahren a challenge that he needed in his reign. Ahren needs someone that is going to push him in some sort of way and for Under Siege, Jack did that and did that well. Good work from the two of you! Keep it up! 

Show of the Week 

Under Siege

Under Siege was the one show that really set the bar for the supershows and FPVs approaching these new two weeks. I thought this show was amazing from top to bottom. The New Breed Gauntlet was an amazing way to start off the show! I loved how we saw some competitiveness with the New Breeds that week and it makes me hopeful that the division will prosper. We saw a deadly Texas Bullrope Four Corners Match against Terry Chambers and Cody Marshall, which is one that you should still check out. :eyes: We saw Drake King vs. Malcolm Jones for the Interwire Championship, which was an amazing match as well! The main event was very well done as we saw Jack Haze vs. Ahren Fournier. The fuckery that went on with the match was insane and it’s a fun and brutal match to watch if you’re in the mood for that kind of stuff. Like stated, amazing show! I thought all the matches shined! You can pick a match from this show, watch the match and enjoy every second of it. 

Match of the Week

Chris Elite vs. TLA

For Match of the Week, I have to give it to the Ironman Match with Chris Elite and TLA! For the second match of the night, I was not quite sure about being the Ironman match so close into the show, but it may have been the most beneficial move on their part! I thought this match stole the show! I was not expecting much from this match, but Chris and TLA brought everything to the table. These two fought tooth and nail and to me, anyone could have won this match. In the end, it does not hurt TLA since the Openweight Championship wasn’t on the line, but Chris needed this victory and I hope that he can get himself in championship contention, but we’ll see when the time comes! Absolute classic! Check it out if you have time to spare! 

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Ahren Fournier

Ahren Fournier takes this spot as Champion of the Week. Ahren walked into Under Siege to defend the EAW Championship against Jack Haze in a No Disqualification Match! It was a title defense underneath his belt, just wished that. Kassidy Heart didn’t have to die along the way, but it’s another successful title defense for Ahren. I am quite excited to see who his next opponent is, I wanna say it’s TLA and the Grand Rampage and it’s going to be a great match for Ahren as well. I just hope that Kassidy is not too upset about how things ended up with her. Under Siege. :lupe: But, I am quite optimistic about Ahren’s direction going into Pain for Pride season.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Drake King


Congratulations to the NEW Interwire Champion, Drake King! This was one of the biggest surprises going into Under Siege! With the stipulation that the loser of the match would not be able to take part of Grand Rampage, I knew this match was going to lose a stellar talent. But, I was amazed at the fact that Drake managed to get the job done! I know that he had the help of the rest of the Round Table, but just the way that Malcolm Jones lost the title was surreal, but this may propel him to the main championship picture. Meanwhile, Drake gets the push of the century and with the rest of the Round Table by his side, Showdown is going to need to be on a look out for them! Drake is one of the hardest working guys in the roster and he is more than deserving of this moment! He puts in the work. He is constantly improving and he can only get better from here!

Note: I normally don’t do MVE when I’m usually occupied with match writing and promoing; however, Raven and the Showdown crew killed it with Under Siege and set the tone for Iconic Cup, Ides of March and Tempest to follow! It had to be recognized! Excellent job from those on Showdown! #TeamShowdown

MVE for Ides of March and the Iconic Cup will be posted by the end of the week, so stay tuned for that!

Fight Grid Full Match: Emily Devine vs. Io Ishimori!

Empire 3/21/2019